Anyone else do this?

So I have finally got my hair into good shape! The only problem I really have right now is that it's clumptackular - and because it's so finely textured, it just sort of hangs there in like 20-odd dreadlock-like clumps. Half the time those wrap around each other - so I have maybe 10 helix curls total. No shape, no body, but lovely giant curls.

So I started gently finger coming my hair once it was dry to break up the clumps slightly. I get body, I get shape, and amazingly enough I still have some clumps and pretty good definition! You can actually see my layers now. :-)

I'm curious if anyone else does something like this - or how those of you looking for more volume get it.
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I did this the other day. I'm not sure why I did it. But I had just colored my hair and put products in and let it dry. It was night and I just wanted to see the color or something and I "combed" my hair with my fingers. I wasn't being careful or anything but I really liked how my hair looked except next time I will do it a little more carefully and controlled. It really has potential. I am anxious to try it again when I do my hair today.
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I actually just started doing that too. I've been changing my routine up a bit- basically I am trying to work with what I have rather than making my 2c hair curlier (seems just as bad as trying to make it straighter!).

So I've been using less product and now when I go to SOTC, I do a little scrunching and also a little light finger combing. With my new product/drying method , I have the tendency to get a little stringlet-y in my under-layers, but the light finger combing loosens that up a bit and seems to help it form bigger, looser, curls. I don't do any finger-combing on my top layers because those have been forming nice big curls on their own.

The finger combing has also been working great on my second-day hair, which since I'm using less product is a little less defined and looser all over. I add a small amount of LOOC, let it dry and lightly run my fingers through to loosen things up.

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