I absolutely LOVE Alba Botanica soft hold style cream. I usually use this for 2nd day hair, or when my hair needs a boost after a workout or something.

Last week I got 4th DAY HAIR using this stuff! I used KCCC as my gel for day 1, then each day after that used this stuff + FSG. Amazing amazing amazing...and the best part is, my hair didn't feel all producty. Yay!

I usually apply it over the top layer of hair, then kind of stroke it down clumps of curls like I'm milking a cow. This works to re-clump even after I've raked through my hair in the morning to get out the tangles.

I am in love with this stuff.
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mosuna, do you mix it with the FSG when you apply it to 2nd day hair? Do you re-wet your hair any? I just bought some of this stuff, and am anxious to try it!