View Poll Results: Which is your Holy Grail Ouidad Gel?
Climate Control 3 60.00%
Tress FX 1 20.00%
Neither one. My HG gel is...(insert your fav) 1 20.00%
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Ouidad Tress FX versus Climate me choose!

Okay, all you Ouidad users know that the 15th is the day the prices go up (as if they aren't pricy enough already)! I wanted to stock up. The CC gel is great for humidity and frankly the best gel I've EVER used. However, here in Kentucky there's always moisture in the air, even in the winter. It's been a long time since I used the Tress FX, but got fantabulous results when I mixed it with Curl Keeper. I'm trying to cut down on product overload, so would like to use as few products as possible.

IF I were to buy one liter of each, which would last at least a year (I hope), do these products go bad?

Given one choice, which gel would you purchase?? Today is the 14th, so I need to make a choice by midnight!

I appreciate anyone willing to offer a comment or experience. TIA!
Okay, heck with the poll. It's 11:30 p.m. I was hoping someone could at least tell me if they had ever experienced a Ouidad product going bad. Anyone? Times a tickin'!
I had no luck whatsoever with any Ouidad products. I splurged and bought the whole line on the advice of a friend... shampoo, conditioner, dt, Tress FX, shine gloss, pomade, botanical boost. I've heard lots of good stuff about both gels, but I ended up returning all my products. Sorry that this response is not really a help.
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oh man i hope im not too late to respond i didnt get to get on the board yesterday....i mix my CC & tress f/x- the tress f/x provides amazing curl definition and shine while the CC fights frizz and provides my hold....ive had a liter of the CC since april or may and i still have more then half so youre best off going with the liters...

i'm so mad about the ouidad price raises but they are the best products for me so i cant not use them

good luck!

p.s. check ebay sometimes people put ouidad stuff up a little cheaper
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