View Poll Results: Your favorite spray on product for afternoon pick-ups and 2nd day hair.
Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling Spray 5 17.24%
Phytospecific Integral Hair Care 0 0%
Devachan's Mister Right 6 20.69%
Ouidad Botanical Boost 0 0%
Curly Hair Solutions Slip Detangler 0 0%
OTHER...please specify in post. Thank you! 18 62.07%
Voters: 29. You may not vote on this poll

What's your HG for reviving curls and 2nd day hair?

Spray on Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Mist spray and plop in a plastic cap during your shower (with or without towel on top).

When I do this, I get really rejuvenated curls that are soft and sheeny but not the least bit greasy.

It's CG-friendly and costs $5 at any Sally's or BSS.

I've never been able to really do 2nd day hair and I've never found any products that worked as afternoon boosts any better than straight water. I just ordered the CJ Curl Boost or something like that and I actually think it might work. I've only tried it a couple of times and I don't think I had the amount quite right but it did seem to perk up my curls a bit at the end of the day.

I have not even tried 2nd day hair but to boost the curls if I am heading out after work I use Set it Free (SIF).
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I don't know if I would call this a HG, but it works pretty well. I use a dollop of my normal gel, HE Totally Twisted, mixed with a drop of Suave M&H to make it less sticky and more "spreadable." Works like a charm for 2nd day hair!
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I spritz with plain or lavender water, or the L'Oreal Kids detangler that smells like pears, and then scrunch in Set It Free. The Set It Free is the HG part of this equation as it moisturizes and smooths my hair and doesn't seem sit on there and feel producty, but does seem to enhance curl. I mean, my second day hair is not all that, but SIF produces the best results I have found so far. I really like this product.

Other potential HG for this purpose is Redken Fresh Curls spray. It seems very curl-enhancing for me so far, but I haven't used it enough to really know how well it will work over the long haul.
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Currently using: Whole Foods 365 Herbal Mint Conditioner (co-wash), MOP Mixed Greens Conditioner, Paul Mitchell Lite Detangler, CK, ISO Bouncy Creme. Gave up on plopping due to tangles/"stickiness" and now I just comb through products and diffuse. It looks basically as good and dries a lot faster (I wasn't getting good clumps from plopping anyway). Still wish I were a lot curlier!
I love my newest find for second day hair. Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray Gel. Sprayed right on my dry hair... works great! was using devacurl set it free which was fine, but the HE works even better!!!
3A, started CG 9/8/06
trader joe's nourish spa s&c, giovanni la natural gel

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