Can you run your hand through your hair?

I like to.
If I don't use the right products and stylers and stuff it'll frizz though.
What about you guys? And w/ waves or curls, that is?
curly hair and proud (:

I can, but I don't b/c it'll mess up the curl pattern I spent all morning trying to get!
3a/3b, Fine, low porosity.
Once it dries, I can touch it a bit more. Sometimes I run my fingers through the front part because the curl pattern is tighter there and it likes to form weird clumps of its own. I often run my fingers through second or third day hair because I like it to look less curly and more wavy sometimes.
Yeah, I mess up my curls, but I'd rather have waves. On days like that though, the curls don't become looser, they just become pure frizz... lol Pony tailll!

And same! My curls are way tighter right around my face! In the back they are so much wavier.... (sigh)
curly hair and proud (:

Ummmm, no, LOL. Well, I can if I go really slowly and detangle carefully. But, like you said, my hair doesn't end up wavy when I do this, it just becomes an absolute frizzed-out mess.
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If I want to keep my clumps, no. When my hair is nicely coily-clumpy-curled, the strands are together, naturally, so running fingers THROUGH is not possible. When I wake up with second day hair, I'll have tangles, so I will gently finger-comb to remove loose hairs and detangle before using a bit of water and conditioner on ends to refresh clumps/curls.

Only when I totally finger comb or comb-out will I have the ability to run fingers through, cause, of course, I've disassembled the clumps.

Today, I can do this. I'm totally combed out--yes, I'm a poufy girl--cause I wanted volume. So, I decided to have semi-curly/semi-frizzy pouf and I can, indeed, run my fingers through. It's real soft, too.
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Nope. My hair strands touch each other and tangle.
I can in the shower!

When it dries....I probably can, without a ton of tangles. But I don't think I've ever's been too engrained in me, DON'T TOUCH THE HAIR. I know I'd be pouf city if I did it.

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Yeah, I can! Wait, I can run my hand over my hair. Not quite the same thing.

When it gets longer, I won't be able to because my hair will frizz.
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Yes, and this is one of the ways that I test products. I want to have my hair soft and natural, and to be able to fluff my curls and run my hands through them during the day.

If a product makes this impossible and my hair is coated and tangly (and then frizzy of course) when I try to run my fingers through it, then I nix that product off my list.
Dry climate
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For me, desert climate+porous hair+CG=inconsistent results!
Not easily. I would tug a bit at some areas where there are tangles from blowing in the wind, tighter curls, etc. And it would make my curls stringy/unclumpy if I did, so that's generally a deterrent for me.
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Well... I can stick my fingers in my hair, but they'd get lost in the mass of frizz and need a GPS to find their way back out...

I can only run my fingers through my hair when it's dripping wet with conditioner, otherwise... uh... noooo.

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No, my fingers just can't get through. If I force them through I'll end up with a frizzy, pouffy mess.
3b in South Australia.
I can, but nothing on earth could persuade me to unless I was about to shower anyway. My hair rebels something awful at finger-combing it dry.

But I like to...because it's so soft!
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If it's only recently dried, I can without too much trouble. At the end of the day, though, it's next to impossible.

For a while I was finger-combing shortly after drying to break up the uber-clumps my very fine hair makes to create some volume. It worked pretty well, I just had to be careful and expect a bit of surface frizz. Since then, I've stopped super-soaking and begun applying product to semi-dry hair that's been combed and that seems to work better for volume.
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o gawd no
unless I want to break up my curls and go frizzy.

My curls are delicate little flowers...they don't like to be disrupted.
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No way. It's a physical impossibility with the amount of hair I have.
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I could but scared of 2 things, one messing up the curls and two creating tangles & knots.
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