Stalked a CG - Fail! :(

So I was at Whole Foods today and I stalked a woman who I've seen there before ... she has very short - but great! - curls... I said, "I love your curly hair, do you get it cut locally?"

She smiled in a way that was like, "I'm not going to tell." but then she said, "It's all about the product. Go to the Devachan Web site and get Deva gel."


She also had great highlights! Too bad she wasn't super friendly and can just tell me where she got her hair cut and colored!
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I hate it when people won't share like that. If she cuts it herself, she could have said so. What's the big deal?

Harumph. Sorry you got a weird one, lilagirl.
People are strange sometimes, like it would have killed her to tell you where she got it cut! I'm sure her hairdresser would've been glad of the compliment and (possibly) your custom. Strange.
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That is the weirdest thing. And a little rude. I always offer (without being asked) where I got something if I've been complimented on it. If it's hair, I do wait till asked (it's weird if someone says they like my hair and I'm instantly spouting my products and stylist info).

But I'm always glad when someone asks, because one it's a HUGE compliment; obviously that person loves my look enough to either want it or something similar. Two, of COURSE people should be confident and happy with their why would anyone hold back that information?

What a WEIRDO. Thankfully this website is nothing but curlies who provide hair info like it's their job.
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What was up her Butt? That is ridiculous she should have been flattered!!!!! The Deva Gels are not that great so I highly doubt that's why her hair looked good.

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