Hair coarseness and nail hardness, any correlation?

I was thinking about this when I was doing my nails (something I don't do often) today.

My nails are tough. I clip/trim them regularly to keep them at a manageable length. I have special clippers for my toenails because they are thick. Not fungus thick, just thick.

I break a nail a couple of times a year. Although I am lazy about nail care, other than trimming, they grow well and are pretty tough.

I wondered if this also related to my having hair on the coarse side of medium. Hair and nails both contain keratin, so I wondered of people prone to having coarse hair strands also have thicker nails and vice versa. I mean, I have often seen pictures of extremely long natural nails on people from East Asia and India, and these are also places where people stereotypically have coarse hair strands.

So, how do you hair and nails match up?
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Interesting idea! Yup, I have coarser hair and somewhat thicker nails/toenails especially.
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Very interesting. My hair is fine fine fine and my nails break wicked easy and I am always snapping them on something. I would consider my nails very fragile.
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Ooh same here. Fine/thin hair, horrible thin nails. They are constantly breaking and I even have this horrible split I can't get rid of on my thumb. however, my fine hair doesn't damage easy -- its pretty resilient. I never get split ends. My nails are also very ridged.
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I have slightly fine hair, but my nails are extremely hard and never break. Who knows!
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I have slightly fine hair, but my nails are extremely hard and never break. Who knows!
Originally Posted by CurlyHairedFarmer
Ah, someone to disprove the theory!
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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Very interesting. My hair is fine fine fine and my nails break wicked easy and I am always snapping them on something. I would consider my nails very fragile.
Originally Posted by xcptnl
Same here. I always thought there was a correlation with fine hair and weak, fragile nails.
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Nope. I have the finest hair imaginable ( you can't even see the individual strands fine ) but very strong thick nails. Never chip and almost impossible to cut and they grow long. Sorry.
I feel like I just had an 'aha' moment! I have fine hair and very thin nails. They're also very flexible - they bend easily, but at least they don't break often. mom has the same fine hair (not curly) and very thick nails.

Goob - I also have a sort of split. It runs the length of the nail, not across. It's kinda like the valley of a ridge that is super thin.
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Oooh, weird but maybe true! I have fine hair (but thick) and my nails are kind of prone to breaking.
I think you're onto something!
curly hair and proud (:

Very good question. I have often thought about this.
I have coarse hair and strong, thick nails that grow very fast.
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While my nails don't break off completely, my nails top layer sometimes split apart. What I do know is that my hair and nails grow fast!
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Fine hair, natural nails pretty strong.
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my hair isn't fine, but most of it isn't coarse. (i've noticed that i have a couple of strands here and there that are coarse.) i find that my fingernails break easily without any nail polish on it. toe nails on the other hand, are very strong.
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hmm my hair is course, maybe, its medium course, and my nails are hard as crap.
I have very fine hair and thick, very hard nails. My nails don't bend like most people's. They are too hard. Hitting them on things that would make most people's nails bend makes mine hurt like hell, as if I'm wearing acrylics. Because they are so hard, they will just snap--and they usually snap low and bleed. Thankfully, they don't do it often. I'm constantly told that they look like I have a French manicure when I have no polish on them at all.
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Fine hair and thin, flexible nails here!
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I always thought nail hardness was related more to thickness of hair. I have fine, very thick hair and very hard nails. I need a toenail clipper to cut my fingernails because the smaller clippers don't have enough leverage. My son has coarse, thick hair and hard nails also.
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I have super thick, coarse hair . . . and the peeliest, thinnest, bendiest, crappiest nails on the planet. But both hair and nails grow super fast, under normal conditions.
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I have slightly fine hair, but my nails are extremely hard and never break. Who knows!
Originally Posted by CurlyHairedFarmer
Ah, someone to disprove the theory!
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
Me too. My nails are ridiculously hard and fast growing, but my hair is somewhat fine and merely 2b/c (humidity, yadayadayada).

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