Not sure about hair type

I have looked at the various different types of curly hair but I am not too sure which is mine. I think I fall in between type 3a & 3b. Can anyone help me? My hair is long below my bra line, no split ends, my curls are spiral looking and maintains its shape.

Also I don't style my hair in anything other than a ponytail, half up & half down and naturally loose & out. Usually I straighten my hair because its just easier to get up and go in the morning. Any tips and products to use in my hair?

I love my hair curly but it looks dry and the curls look sloppy with a lot of fly-aways. Any tips wold be greatly appreciated!

Please excuse the facial blurring but I'm skeptical about posting photos online.
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Looks 3b to me.
3b in South Australia.
It looks 3b to me too....I'm 3b and that looks a lot like mine.

Take a peek at my signature to see what I use. Also, I pay attention to other people's signature that are 3b for new ideas. In my opinion, with our hair type, hair "lotions" work better than "creams" and mousse works better than gel.

Most importantly: STOP USING SILICONE BASED POO'S, CONDISH, AND STYLING PRODUCTS!! This has made such a difference in my hair. I almost NEVER have a bad hair day b/c I don't use sulfate poos (except a monthly clarifying) and I use condish w/o silicone everyday. Also, don't use stuff with mineral oil. These few little changes have made such a difference in my hair. Good Luck
~Mixed blood, mixed hair, mixed child, without being mixed up!~
poo: abba pure moisture; redken cleansing cream for clarifying only; bee mine clarifying poo bar
condish: Aussie Moist, Garnier Triple Nutrition
deep treat: good ole extra virgin olive oil
styling: bee mine hair and scalp moisturizer, palmers olive oil mousse, herbal essences mousse: curl defining and set me up; redken crystal curls define gel; always on the look-out!!!!!!
Looks like something inbetween 3b and 3c to me.

As far as products go, in general I can recommend the CG method, best outlined here:

Also, curl type doesn't have much bearing on your products - texture, porosity, and elasticity matter far more. There's a great post (by a woman who makes great products) here about that:

Good luck!
3b/c. Fine, med-high porosity, normal elasticity. Hair loves oils in summer, protein in winter. Constantly battling the hard water monster.

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