Curly Hair in Animation (and Art)

I like to visit DeviantArt at times, and out of curiosity, I did a search for "Curly Girl" and found this cute little illustration, manga style: That's make a cute avatar or blog illus, with the artist's permission.

The search results for curly girl is here:

I used to want straight hair in order to do "anime hair", cause I loves me anime hair--but usually it's done with Asian straight hair, all those spikes and flips and textured segments. Hubby and I are BLEACH aficionados, and I am mad for Byakuya's black, accessoried hair and Renji's scarlet spiky hair and Hisagi's spikey black hair and Ulquiorra's messy black spikes.

I remember being a kid and wishing I had Medusa's "alive" hair in the comics. Anyone remember her--that red hair that could choke a man? That's HAIR, baby!

I watched an anime with some homoerotic mecha stuff going on last year called Sousei No Aquarion, and the angels had seriously hot hair (the white-haired Toma and red-haired Apollonius. Woo.) And that amazing hair on the pretty boys of the Final Fantasy series.

But now, I'm trying to see how often they do CURLY hair. Usually, you get curls in the perky love interest, like Himawari in xxxHOLIC, who has these big barrel coils: xxxHolic also has some floor-dragging curly pigtails on Maru, one of the weird two girls who serve the witch Yuko.

Blond Anti-Spiral Nia from Gurren Lagann has her pale curls:

Amusingly, when Ciel Phantomhive dressed as a girl on a mission in BLACK BUTLER (Kuro****suji), he had curls:****suji4.jpg

What's Cowboy Bebop's JULIA? 2b?

I love when people do a good job of Cosplaying a character, and this girl looks AMAZING with her purple curls as the Arrancar THUNDERWITCH from BLEACH: Compare to the original anime THUNDERWITCH

As an appreciator of art, you can always count on the master's to give oodles of lovely curly hair. Anyone have favorite anime or art curls? I'm a fan of the Pre-Raphaelites (ahhhh), but someone needed to tell this redheaded beauty NOT TO BRUSH OUT HER CURLS:
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ahhh I LOVE me some anime don't really have any comments relating to the topic i just wanted to say hello to a fellow curly/anime lover
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Daughter #2 likes the manga.
She has henna-red-over-dark blonde waves and can get some way manga-lookin' hair by doing two high ponytails teased out. It looks spectacular, she has used it for costume of "generic anime girl".

You do see the wavy hair sometimes in the comics, but almost always with straight thick bangs, it seems. Which I think means the character is supposed to have curled hair, not curly hair.
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