Are You Embracing or Running Away From Your Gray Hair?

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Well the good thing is if I was allergic I would have probably made it. I hate to say it but a large factor were two of my best friends. They tried being really supportive but it was almost worse because neither are good at dissembling and it was very patently obvious they thought it really aged me. I will say this. It was WAY harder to make it look good on the fly. Day one hair it always was doable. Shiny. It wasn't bad. But after that it was a struggle. OTOH I'm not saying "never". If I ever feel like going short again I will give it another try. That would have been the best way.
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wow! you were pretty far into the transition! were you not happy with the look of the gray or just tired of the transition process?
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. Here I am post dye. Attachment 47514
Originally Posted by chupie

You look great either way.
I'm growing my grey out but my hair was hennaed and it was very, very bright because I bleached it before doing the henna and used Bright Red from Henna Hut. So, I went to professional hair dresser to dye my hair back to a medium/dark brown and grow from there.

I don't mind dark hair with silver roots rather than dark/silver roots and bright red/fading orangey ends.

I do not plan to BC but just grow it out and trim as my ends need it. I am just at shoulder and wear my hair up most times anyway. The silver makes the updos look interesting.
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"I'm growing my grey out but my hair was hennaed and it was very, very bright because I bleached it before doing the henna and used Bright Red from Henna Hut. So, I went to professional hair dresser to dye my hair back to a medium/dark brown and grow from there.

I don't mind dark hair with silver roots rather than dark/silver roots and bright red/fading orangey ends." - speckla

Although I'm still(at 67!) not ready to go grey yet, I would do similar, since my colored hair is a reddish-brown, and my old non-grey hair was the last shade before hitting black. Brassy, fading red of any color, with increasing grey roots/grow-out would be REALLY hard to handle. I'd have my genius haircutter who is also great with color help me transition like what speckla is saying.
On another note, a few years ago, my best friend who colored for years, then decided to try to embrace her grey at 64, going through the long process of first getting highlights, then letting her hair grow out(she had shoulder-length hair and did not want to cut it short for which I can't blame her), really tried to like it all and everything, but just felt so OLD. The grey just didn't fit her personality or the way she dresses. So she went back to coloring. To be honest, I don't think the grey would fit me either. Believe it or not, when I had LESS grey, I waffled more back and forth between trying to grow it out, and then going back to coloring. I would make it as far as 3 months and cave. Again, this is with less grey. Just thoughts here, as I know this is all an individual thing as far as which way one goes. That said, I do see some people with beautiful silvery curls.
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Right now I'm covering my grey. I'm not sure even how much I have.
I have a swath of salt and pepper in front I believe, but all brunette still in back and underneath. right now I'm just not ready to stop coloring-but maybe soon.
I really wanted to go down the henna or hennindigo route, and would have if I had all brunette hair-I've been researching it for a few years.
However, I am planning on letting my silvers come in at some point in the not so distant future, and the way I color my hair now will allow me to do that much easier, with no or little line of demarcation.
I'm just afraid that the line of demarcation of my greying brown hair would be too obvious against the warm vibrant henna, for me.

I have my hair colored with A demi-perm every 12 weeks or so in the salon. (Redken Shades EQ). She lets it sit under a dryer for longer which makes it permanent. So far my greys have not been hard to cover over. When I decide to let them grow out, this will make it much easier, or maybe I can throw in a few highlights to help the transition, something I couldn't do with henna.
I think silver hair is beautiful-someday the coloring upkeep will get to be too much, and I will just let them come in naturally.

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I am embracing it at this point in my life. I tried 2 other times but guess I was not ready then. I am now retired and it has been much easier since my growout contrast is drastic. I have been on the journey for 11 months now and still have a ways to go before fully transitioned since I only trim the length letting the layers grow out. I am loving the fact that I no longer have to color my roots every 2 weeks.
Originally Posted by CurlyInParadise

I think you look great!!
I posted here back in 2011 when the thread was started, I was very much still running then and although I still wouldn't say I was ready to embrace the grey exactly, I'm going for it.
I've developed an allergy to dye and my brief encounter with henna wasn't too successful, so I don't really think I have much of a choice in the matter. I'm bracing for a rough time ahead as I'll have to go cold turkey - no blending the grey as I can't do the dye so again, not much choice.
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don't think of it as such a tough road, the time will pass and it gets easier by say month 5 and by month 9 you are really getting there. i highly recommend reading the book, 'going gray, looking great, by diana jewel. most libraries carry it. there are great photos in there with good tips on how to wear your hair during the growing out stage. we'll give you support and ideas here. you may be surprised and actually like your grey hair!
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It was about two months between my last chemical colour and the henna I did and I was quite surprised at the amount of grey I had. It's made me feel a bit better about growing it out - I always thought I'd have the dreaded skunk stripe but hopefully that's not going to happen. I've had an unpleasant time growing my fringe out over the last year and a bit, and I think that's weighing on my mind as it was such a slow process.
I've done lots of reading online and seen that book mentioned a few times, I'll keep an eye out for it.
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Embracing it. Though most people's reactions are "you're only 25, why not dye it?" My favorite color is silver and I've always wanted silver streaks so now I'll have them naturally.
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I'm on the fence but leaning towards dyeing. I just hate the chemicals. If anyone can recommend a few good henna/indigo threads with before and afters I'd really appreciate it.

42 and not ready for the gray. I just love pigment. Inky black hair. But I don't want to use anything that alters my hair texture. I hear henna may harden hair. That puts me off. Help!

I'm pretty much not noticing it except once in a great long while. I don't really look at myself in the mirror - I'm usually looking AT something specific, like my teeth or something if I do. But once in a great long while I'll notice the white in my hair and I'll be like "Huh. There's some more white than last time I noticed"

And then I forget about it.

So I'm not so much either/or "embracing" vs "running away" - as not really noticing it in the first place.
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Definitely embracing my silvers, have been for two years now, too many of them to do much else.
I really do love the way they have come in.
Definitely running. They are coarser and appear to curl differently, so they will literally stick out. I hope to start transitioning when I approach 40, but that will be a while. In the meantime, I am coloring it a very dark brown (almost black -- the color of my dad's hair when he had hair) with a fairly gentle dye because my friend is a stylist, and I can afford it when he does it

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