Are You Embracing or Running Away From Your Gray Hair?

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I've decided to embrace mine. It's growing in a bit faster than it used to. LOL! Plucking/Tweezing the hairs doesn't work, because they'll simply grow back in. As for coloring? Not really feeling that option.

I have a nice fringe of gray hair framing my face, on the sides and forehead, and springs popping up in random places on the top and back.
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Embracing, definitely! Check out the thread in this section titled "Our Gray Journey Diary" and you'll see many curlies here who have embraced the gray. Some are just starting, and others have finished growing it out and are encouraging the rest of us. The photos are inspirational!
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I'm running like wildfire.
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I'm running and have been since my late 20's. I actually think gray hair looks fabulous with some complexions. My very pale skin has a yellow (ivory) undertone and I look totally washed out with gray hair. My mom and sister have much more color in their pinkish skin and they look terrific with gray hair. I've also seen some women with very dark skin who look sensational with gray hair.

I think if you have good contrast between the gray and your skintone, it makes a big difference. I look washed out in gray clothing also. If I looked well in gray hair I would definitely do it but since it makes me look like I've been in a crypt for a month, no way.
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I've embraced the gray! One more cut and all the old color will be gone. The natural color is more flattering to my aging skintone.
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I'm embracing the gray. My only complaint is that it isn't coming in fast enough!

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kitschy, I can't quite make out your avvie. Is that your hair, split between colors?
Running. I look much better as a brunette and younger.
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Running like the wind! Henna is my BFF!
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I know Im not 40 yrs old but I have had gray hair since I was 5 years old and I have decided to embrace it. Henna made my gray orange and I dont use any other color systems so I have not choice. I don't have a lot or grays but they are mostly in the front. I predict I will be salt and pepper gray by the time Im 40.
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I, too, am running as fast as I can!!
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Embracing it as best I can! Actually, I don't have any gray hair; I have a crop of pure white. Unfortunately, my white hairs do not fully cooperate with my browns; they are thicker, porous, and have a different wave pattern.
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kitschy, I can't quite make out your avvie. Is that your hair, split between colors?
Originally Posted by ninja dog
Nope. Half is in sunlight.

Time for a new siggie.


I don't really have enough greys to start a hair dyeing routine yet (not certain i want to get into that trap anyway)..It really depends on how it's styled, how many are visible. I'm considering henna for the future?

About greying over time, I'm torn. My grandmother & my MIL both went grey 'gracefully' but my mom fights it and is part of what I call the 'Wayne Newton & Liza Minnelli club of eternal dark hair."

I'm also considering a compromise like Stacy London, Bonnie Raitt, Barbara Rodgers. The front streak thing-y.

My hair is naturally soft-black (I colored it brown recently from boredom not grey coverage) so those silvers really leap out. We'll see.
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I have been gray since I was 21 and I never cared BUT now that I have been using henna for the past 7 years I hate the little buggers! LOL I love my copper and the gray is so 1990.

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I'm SO not embracing my grays right now. They started showing up about six years ago. When I discovered the first two, I plucked them out. A few months later, they came back with about a dozen or so of their friends. So now I henna them. Henna's cool because it makes my grays a nice coppery color! Maybe one day I'll be ready to embrace them, but not as long as I'm able to henna.
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I tried embracing, but I wasn't "gray enough". Once I started the growing out process, I was actually surprised at how gray I WASN'T. I have just enough gray to make me look faded, not foxy. I want foxy. So, until I get to the stage when I'll look foxy, I'm running.
I'm embracing the gray. My only complaint is that it isn't coming in fast enough!
Originally Posted by Kitschy
This is me!

I have never colored my hair, so it's simply a matter of letting nature take its course. I think grey hair is super-foxy. There is an air of confidence and going against the conventional wisdom of what makes a woman sexy that I find very appealing.
I totally understand about not having enough gray and looking faded. When I was 40 I stopped coloring for several months to see how much gray there was, and there wasn't enough yet. So I waited until I was 47 to try again. There was enough gray to look good, so my goal became to be all natural by 50. Now that the old color is almost gone, I often get complements on the color. Some people think that I got these silver highlights from a bottle! And I will be all natural by my 50th birthday later this year.
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