Did the health of your hair change when you stopped using dye?

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if so, tell us how!
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Well I have definitely stopped losing so much hair. Seriously the amount of hair coming out in the shower is about a third of what it was.
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Yes yes yes! Oh my gosh it's a painful process growing out dyed hair but is totally worth ever painstaking day. My hair is growing so fast and the broken fly aways are finally growing out! The thickness is returning and my hair feels better everyday. I don't think I'll ever dye my hair blonde again. Lesson learned the hard way.
My hair was high porosity with color. That's why I got confused when it was mostly grown out when I found out I was actually low porosity.

My hair was pretty strawlike, now it's soft.

I still have a bit of color on my ends, and they are much softer than they were, but I can feel a noticeable difference between the areas.
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Mine too has changed dramatically. It looks soft and full every day, and requires less work. even though I was only having my roots done, I get that what was freshly applied to the roots moved down the hair shaft. In any case, I can see a huge difference.
if so, tell us how!
Originally Posted by Myrna
Healthier in every way! I was thinning and balding in spots. Now's it's fuller (may be, like others, just losing less of it), bouncier, and shinier.

On days I doubt my gray hair, I reach back and run my fingers through it. I know then it's worth all the challenges!

My hair is super soft and I don't have any split ends.

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What about dying darker? I've begun to love my box dyed black hair. I have dark brown but it's an obvious difference when it's black. Does this damage my hair?i dyed it in May 2014 and I wasn't planning on dying it again until December 2014( after my 7 month no heat journey)
i've read that dyeing punches holes in the hair. then i guess it fills it.

i guess if you dye but do deep conditioning treatments and no heat styling, it should be ok.
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The health of my hair definitely changed. I truly noticed this once I went natural and dyed my hair while it was completely healthy. After I washed out the dye and conditioned, my hair felt so... Weird! and once it air dried I really got to see the effects. My curls weren't as defined, and they had a sort of limp look to them, it was depressing. But as some time went by it started to come back to life and I can really see how dying your hair does do damage. Luckily for me, it was only temporary. I'm currently just growing out my natural hair color. I see no need to dye my hair anymore!
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