growing out a mohawk!

Okay, well I am currently growing out a mohawk and it's looks so blah most of the time. The middle is REALLY thick and when stretched a bit, a little bit longer than the nape of my neck. The sides are the real problem; they are about three inches and when combed out, look like ugly fros on the side of my head. I sometimes want to chopped off the middle so it will all be the same length. However, my hair is so thick, I'd have to thin it out, or just go around with a weird looking fro. I don't do the fake hair thing, it's cool- just not for me. Any suggestions??, as I've taken to wearing hats a lot, and it's too hot for that. Thank You!
The only thing I can suggest is cutting it to even it out.
I had a mohawk too and I had to cut the top to even it all out. My hair was really short but it had to be done!
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I had a mohawk for a long time when younger, long, and shaved bald on sides. I think just cutting it off is the only thing that will work, really. I just let the sides grow in till they were a couple of inches then clippered my whole head.

If it's wide, you might be able to rock a long bangs/short hair thing , cut the back of the head so it's all as short as the part you are growing out and leave the top alone and look at it, see if it is OK, then if it still looks bad you could cut the top off at that point.

Don't worry, it will grow out. It's hair. But it will probably grow more gracefully if you do cut it all off short.
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Thank you all. That seems to be the only thing I can do. It's just really thick so I'll have a weird curly fro thing until it grows back.

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