Help! My hair won't grow :(

So, here are some pictures of my hair (I know it looks gross right now, i straightened it so I could curl it tomorrow for a special event - anyway!) I've damaged my hair a LOT by dying it and I'm trying to stop for a while, but how can I restore it? I really want my hair to grow out to my mid-to-lower back (eventually) however it seems as though it's not growing at all! I get a trim every six weeks and use biolage hair masque once a week (I leave it in over night). I use different types of mousse (I dont know if that harms it?) and take prenatal. You guys seem to know what's up when it comes to curls, unlike my hairstylist, so please offer any advice you have! thanks!!! (also what type of curls do I have?? )

Does your mousse have alcohol in it? It may be drying your hair out, and if it's already dry from dyeing, your hair is most likely breaking and therefore looks like it's not growing. Unless you have a medical condition, all hair grows. Hair is also dead, so once it is damaged (breaking and splitting, not just dry), you can't really restore it. True, some protein treatments will coat the hair shaft to prevent it from breaking more, but once you stop using those treatments, the hair is just as weak.
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thats a 3something
?maybe? i dunno. maybe your a 2?
dont straighten your hair its not helping. have you tried a braided bun, and the CG method?
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Looks like your hair needs a ton of moisture and some baby-ing. Here's some tough love...

If you are washing your hair with shampoo all the way to the ends every day - STOP. If you must shampoo every day, only apply it to your scalp area. If you can CO wash - do it - and wash with shampoo only once a week.

STOP with all the intense heat - no flat iron, no brushing while blowing, no curling iron - use a diffuser on low heat setting if you MUST blowdry. Throw out your brush and use only a big wide tooth comb. Gently gently gently.

Get a hair color applicator bottle from your local beauty supply store and mix up a leave-in condish concoction: any condish you like (without alcohol) and a good squirt of oil (also get from beauty supply store). Shake it up & apply to hair 3-4 inches down from scalp all the way to ends. Then use NON-ALCOHOL gel (believe it or not LA LOOKS is AWESOME).

You will notice a huge difference in the texture after about a week.

Next if you must color - use demi-permanent. This is deposit-only color and uses a much gentler peroxide than permanent color.

Only cut it a tiny trim every 3 months. That's all you'll need if you are good to your hair.

I have done all of these things for years, and until I was talked into layers by an inexperienced stylist, my hair was butt-crack length in the shower & waist/hip length dry. Everyone always commented on how healthy AND long it was.

Hope this helps!
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