want LONG hair...do I need a trim? PIC

i just had a trim less than a month ago. I want long healthy curly hair but it seems like my ends just arent curling the same. It gets kinda stringy.. doesnt feel dry at all tho..do you think i should get another trim or could it be my products? i really hate trims and probably never cut off as much as i should.

sorry for the quality of the pic. had to use my phone (cant find my camera charger!)

thank you , i will try to put up a better pic if i can find it

first of all, your hair is absolutely beautiful, i am veryyy jealous!!!

you hair is quite long as it is & i can imagine when it's straight it's veryy long. some hair types can only grow so far before breakage occurs - even if the hair's healthy- it puts some what of a holt on growth. you could try a trim, & from what i see you may need just half an inch cut as i can see at the end (about an inch & a half up) you hair loses some of the curl which could indicate split ends. i am not sure it's true that your hair'll grow back quick after a trim, but for me it seems true. my friend takes folic acid for hair growth & it works -- i would check with your doctor tho first.

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I DT once a week (over night), & I do a ACV rince once a month.

Oh my. You could rule the world with that hair!

I'm trying to grow my hair back to waist length - my hair is very very fine and I usually only need to trim every 4 to 6 months.

Try putting a glob of coconut oil on the ends of your hair every day. And when you scrunch the bottom, hold it in your fist for about 10 seconds per scrunch. That usually coaxes my ends to curl up.

Big Chop from hip - 5/2014
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Thank for the comments and advice guys! I think I'll try the coconut oil and it doesn't work go for the trim.( I so hate trims)

Question about the coconut oil..ive never used any oils so kinda clueless as to when to apply? When my hairs wet before product? After product? Dry hair? Thanks!
I usually do the coconut oil last. When my hair is wet (not dripping though) I first put my leave-in, then gel, then coconut oil on ends & scrunch & hold my ends. I usually air dry - but I put it in a low ponytail so wet hair is not flopping in my face. Then about 3 hours later I let it down to dry the rest of the way.
Big Chop from hip - 5/2014
Enjoying the journey to APL or BSL!
thanks so much! Ill go out tomarrow to find some

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