Humbly requesting advice from someone wiser than I

I've always kept my hair cut pretty short, mostly because I didn't know I could use products to subdue the frizz. I always thought people with curly hair that wasn't an afro were just blessed. So now I've decided to try and grow it out and I was wondering if someone might be kind enough as to offer me some advice on what exactly I could do with it as far as a style goes. I don't know anything about products or how to use them or when to use them. I have stopped using shampoo and been deep conditioning with olive oil, but I don't know anything really about what products to use and how to achieve results with them. Here is my hair, it's just got some leave in conditioner in it, just to give you (if there is someone still reading) an idea of what kind of hair I have: well I've attached the picture because apparently I know as little about message boards as I do about hair. I was curious about whether or not I might be able to pull off any of these type styles with hair trimmed/productified:


Well thanks in advance and hopefully I didn't break any rules somehow!
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I don't see why you couldn't pull it off!
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Welcome to

You could definitely pull off both styles!

For the first one, I think your hair would have to grow a bit longer, but your hair is just as curly as the ones in the picts and both looks look great!

gl and if you try either of them, update us!
Hi there and I second the welcome! It may help you to read through some of the forums. Then you just need to experiment. I'm sure you can do both styles and please do update us on your progress.

Good luck!
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Every day is a gift that justin timberlake in the photos???
Thanks for the responses! Sorry for the delayed response on my end, had a barrage of tests at school! I'm still growing it out and I've been taking biotin everyday for about a month. I'm not sure who the models are in those pics, I just googled curly hairstyles for men and those were two that I thought I might be able to do with my hair. Would the style in the first picture require trimming the sides? Also, I'm not sure how to get the style in the second pic to work. It seems like if I kind of fluff my hair up like that guy did then it just looks like an afro with no definition to the curls. I'd like to get that one to work because it looks like it'd be a good way to keep my hair while it grows long enough to do something else because pretty soon I think it's going to start getting bothersome. I've been reading through threads and trying to learn as much as I can, but there's a steep learning curve! I'll post an updated picture of my hair tomorrow! Thanks again

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