Hair in limbo

Hi guys,

I'm growing out my hair from a boy cut that I have had since November last year. I have not cut it for a month and have decided to let it grow out. It is now at a stage where it's not short short, but not long enough to do much with, so it's just, well there. LOL

I live in the Caribbean so most products I get I'd have to order from abroad or have my sis ship them to me from the US. I'm now using Kinky Curly custard, but I'm not loving it.

Anyone can recommend something that will keep my hair in tact (not fraying all over) and moisterized throughout the day?

Thanks much. BTW, I THINK I have between 4a and 4b (more to thinking it's 4b) type hair.
Hey! I know you pain with the product situation! Im from Puerto Rico and it's so hard to find products down here!!! The only places I have found some are Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Sally's and I recently discover that in Zephora they have a curly hair section !!! Good luck

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