Trying to grow out my wavy locks again

Hello, I'm new here and this is my first post I've always had and loved long hair. When I was 13 I had surgery to remove a tumor in my neck and that resulted in having the whole bottom half of my head shaved bald. When I say bald I mean like bald, bald LOL. It took a while and I had to cut the rest of my hair so I could grow out evenly but about 3 years later when I was 16 I had even hair about BSL (the part I cut was a 15 inch braid that went to locks of love) anyway now that my life story is out of the way lol I'm trying to grow my hair back to the length it used to be which was around the middle of my butt. Any tips on how to care for it? I don't flat iron, blow dry maybe 5 times a month at the most and pretty much don't mess with it besides coloring every couple months. I've been using coconut and tea tree oil for hot oil treatments and it has made my hair really soft. The main thing I'm worried about are spilt and dry, rough ends. Thanks so much for your help!

Here are some pictures of where my hair is now

& this was the hair I cut from the top of my head that went to locks of love

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frequent deep treatments are great to keep the hair healthy!

also i noticed personally since going CG method 2 months ago (avoiding sulfates and silicones) my hair and ends never looked better!

vitamins such a biotin will also help the hair grow long
2c/3a..fine/regular texture..normal porosity..low elasticity..high density..cherub curls

MONAT all natural hair products are the absolute BEST

goals: grow out bad breakage cut and artificial hair color1
last softener: Sept 2010
last color: 2.14.15
last cut/trim: 4.7.15


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