Growing hair out that is layered to unlayer hair

My hair is layered and has been for many years. This is the way it has been for a long time because the stylists I go to do not seem to know how to deal with it any other way. I have wanted to grow my hair out to an unlayered style and change the style to a longer, simpler style that is easier to maintain. Preferably one that does not require heat or blow drying. When it is layered I have to blow dry it and use a curling iron daily just to style it.
The problem I have is not growing it, but tolerating while it is growing. I have tried growing it out before, but Eight weeks after the initial cut and it is driving me nuts. (Grows unevenly, sticks out more in some places than others) It is also curlier in some places than others which is more noticeable when it starts to get more length. I have discussed this issue with my stylist and she said I simply must grin and bear it until it gets beyond the middle stage. (Use a lot of spray) I usually give up and get it cut. Has anyone else dealt with this issue?
When I got my hair cut I cut all my dead ends but apparently not all that little piece of straight hair grew out and is now a hassle daily. I will wait a year or two and see what happens. I want to cut it but my grandmother who is a beautician for over 30 years told me not to. So I'll wait
3b hair
normal porosity
medium density
fine/med. strands
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