Just cut it all off, what next?

Hello curly beauties! I finally had the courage to cut all of my over processed damaged hair off and now I have an all over short cut (about 3/4 inch). I have been CO washing and using organic coconut oil as a leave in moisturizer but my hair is very coarse and dry. Can anyone recommend natural products that I can use to give my hair some life and softer texture?

I am newly chopped and newly CG, but I'll share that I use Shea Moisture for my no poo, AOHR for my condish, and KCKT for my leave in before KCCC. I also use natural oils for additional moisture. You should also look in threads for your curl type for tips. HTH.
3c/4a (too short to tell), Normal porosity, M/C
BC: 06/10/11 CG: 06/22/11

SheaM Poo, AOHR, KCKT, KCCC, homemade DTs
I recommend Carols daughter. Her products are sooo good. And Cantu shea butter its not all natural but it helps with frizz and its leave in. I use castor oils and lots of others
Sincerly yours,

Jalissa <3
Hi! I am fairly new myself. I have learned though that oils arent really moisturizers. They are sealants and used to lock in moisture. This may be the reason your hair feels dry. I would suggest using a leave-in or moisturizer (something w/ water as the first ingredient maybe) prior to the oil. Hope that helps

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