Wild Growth Hair Oil,does it work? Also does taking biotin work?

There's a white bottle with the Wild Growth Hair Oil written in green.Its a hair oil sold at most beauty supply stores but not at drug stores like CVS or Safeway(atleast not in my area).Has anyone's hair actually grew more than without using it?

I read on naturallycurly an article that says biotin doesn't.I hope I didn't waste my $

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Biotin helped me. It also made my nails longer and stronger also

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Yes, it does. I take 5000mg a day, but you have to drink plenty of water, at least three to four glasses a day. My hair and nails grow very fast. My nails seems to grow the fastest. I have began a growth experiment on my hair. I am actually going to do a three month test. I am doing the MN challenge 3 inches in 3 months. I just have to see if this is true. I started on November 3rd, and I believe I have a 1/4 of an inch already, but my hair is very curly, so I will have to wait a little longer. It usually takes my hair two months to grow a 1/4 of an inch. But, biotin does not have any side effects, like MN. If I can deal with these headaches, I'll be ok. You can check with me in three months to get the results about the MN. lavoniaclay@aol.com

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I don't know if the wgho helps hair to grow faster but it stinks and I had to use a sulfate shampoo to get it out of my hair. I felt like I had vaseline in my hair which I would never use. I plan to throw it away. I figure, hair grows on its own so no need for me to be impatient!

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Theres a ton of woman on the CurlyNikki forum who says WGHO did wonders for their hair as for length, softness, & helping with the lost & thinning of edges. So I ran to my local Sallys for some (only $8.99). Only been using it for a week waiting on my results *fingers crossed*

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Oh & yes the smell isnt all that great but its not nauseating so im fine with it.

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Thanks everyone I got this instead BB(Bronner Bros) growth oil and will use it once a week for 4 months I'll see what happens I just hope I retain length..it had like twice as much liquid as the WGHO and was $6

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I have not had any success with topical growth aids. I did have decent results with Biotin. Coincidence? Idk, but I used it for like a year with good results. May be going back to it in the near future.

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