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I've seen posts before that discussed different methods of measuring growth but didn't pay attention because at the time I wasn't growing out. Now that I've decided to see how long I can stand it (lol) I'm curious as to exactly how to see how much growth I have. At times it seems like it's not growing at all but I know it is - mainly when I wear it straight is when I can see the difference. Curly, not so much.
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I don't know how you're supposed to measure it but I'm growing out bangs so I pull those straight to see how long they are and I can at least tell how fast that is growing.

I did see on the LHC site they said from hairline to the ends of your hair. That's great and all but that layer isn't that long so.......... feels kinda weird to measure it that way.

If you have baby hair growth that comes in on the hairline you can sure see growth in that I know
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The way all the people measure their hair on the long hair boards is from the front hairline back slightly streching the hair in the back.

But I have difficulty with this and get really inconsistant measurements. I'll recheck it just to be sure and get a majorly different mesurement. so what I do is first measure it dripping wet (when my hair is at its straightest) measure it slighty streching. then measure it again dry without stretching.

I highly reccomend that you measure wet and dry. The first time I measure a year ago I did both, then didn't measure wet again until recently. I was very broken-hearted to learn every month I made no progress. and then I measured it wet last month and learn that my wet measurement was 2 inches longer then my previous wet measurement from nearly a year ago. It's not alot of growth over a year, but I was excited. I was starting to think I was at terminal length.
I find that it's too hard for me to measure my hair in the back by myself. So I measure my hair from the front hairline down my head(trying my best to make sure it's straight down the middle) and then I bring the tape measure over my shoulder and measure the length. I measure it this way both wet, stretched out and dry and curly. I mainly make sure I measure it wet because it would take me forever to see progress when it was curly due to shrinkage. I'm really not good at explaining things but that's how I do it at least. I would think that it doesn't matter what way you measure your hair as long as you are consistent with it.
When DH measures my hair it is soaking wet in the shower,that way I can tell if it's grown.Also,I measure mine from the hairline down to the longest piece of hair.
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I measure from the hairline back, both wet and dry. On dry measurements I dont stretch the hair, dry is very inconsistant for me. I dont measure wet very often because I do everything upside down and turning my head upright before it's dry causes tangles and just messes my hair up.
I do hairline back when my hair is dry, it's a somewhat consistent measurement for me although it varies due to my little bit of wavy shrinkage. I manage to mesure it myself by hanging a measuring tape straight back and then using a handmirror and my bathroom mirror to see the measurement. It works relatively well.

One thing I like about it is that my length goals are for how far down my back my hair goes, and that's what it's measuring. I can see how doing just one layer toward the front might be nice though if you're just looking for monthly growth, I only get an inch or 2 of shrinkage and it's tough to see progress on that. Must not see much at all on dry hair with significant shrinkage.
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Well I figured out a way to measure my growth! My curls have been really disliking the cold weather so for a change I straightened it yesterday. As soon as I was done I could see ROOTS where my color stopped, lol! So that's how I know my hair has grown at least 1/2 inch since my last cut/color. Time to go see my stylist...
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Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
Now that's one way to tell Ab!
I don't have my hair colored but I have an influx of white hairs coming in dang them! They stick out because they're shorter so I can tell very well how fast the new growth is coming in. I mean it's like lightning for my hair. In the past three weeks my new growth hairs that I was keeping track of have grown 2.5 inches. For me that's amazing.
I have more new growth coming in too, thankfully not all white. It does give me some frizz looking stuff sticking up but I'll tough it out for more hair after that shedding before.

Now, the only problem is I'm too paranoid to stop any suppliments that I take even if it's non hair related so I'm chained to them Ah well everyone needs something to invest in
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If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!

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