so...growing out heat damage!

I think that for now im definitely going to grow out my natural hair and gradually cut off the damage. im going to start a shampoo free method, drink lots of water and keep a healthy diet. im gonna start using curly hair products possibly aim for some organic ones....any suggestions??? pretty please
I dont think the products I use are organic but the products that I have been using for my curls are:
Ecostyler Gel: Argan Oil (Sally's Beauty Supply)
A/G Recoil (Ulta)
Garnier Fructis Curl XXL Mousse

I don't use all of these products all at once, lately I've just been using the Ecostyler gel and mousse and my curls clump, full and not crunchy. I understand what your going through, it took me at least 1 full year to accept my curl and find products that work for my curls because before I was just ruining my hair by flat ironing it and I couldn't grow it any longer then shoulder length, now it's at arm pit length. I also take vitamins with biotin 3 times a days. I take the Futurebiotic ones, you can get them at the Vitamin Shoppe.

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