my hair is growing back straight! help!

I used to have wonderful, super duper thick 2b/3a curls that started around my eyeline, but then I straightened my hair every morning for three years in middle/beginning of high school and eventually had to get a pixie cut because my hair was so damaged. After about a year or so of cutting my hair super short, I'm finally growing it out. My hair is growing out relatively thin and in flat, almost bedheadlike waves, and I am SO SAD! I want my curls back! Please help me!
You mentioned middle/high school. You sound pretty young, it could be due to hormone changes as you grow, just wait a little longer and your hair texture will get steadier, as for the change don't fight it embrace it!
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It might not be long enough yet I have 3c curls that look like 4b hair at the root just give it time

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