Beach ruining your hair?????

So on Friday I am going to the beach in new jersey and lately because I haven't been going to school o haven't been washing my hair as often and I noticed it made a world of a diffrence! My hair feels thick an I think has grown quite a bit, but now I am scared either the sun and salt water will ruin my hair any advice ? Or do I have nothing to worry about?
no replies? i wish there was because i'd like to know as well. I went to the beach a few weeks ago. hair seemed fine in the water, though next time i am gonna put it in a bun. I oiled my hair alot with olive oil to keep the salt from drying it out too bad. seemed fine untill i got home and washed. my hair seemed dry for a day. then i did a olive oil treatment and it seemed fine. I heard pools are worse for curly hair, i also heard sea salt is good for your hair but i wouldnt think that much?
Thank you yeah I was at the beach for a week but j just deep conditioned my hair hopefully it worked

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