Growing out a TWA

Hi! I recently big chopped from an APL to a TWA. Can anyone give me some suggestions on growing out my hair? I've never done anything to help grow my hair out before I started going natural. I know that there's no magic pill to make my hair grow 6 inches (I wish lol) but is there anything I can do to promote growth?

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Hi. Welcome to the journey.

What I do is every other night, I massage my scalp with olive oil, mixed with a little peppermint oil because it smells so wonderful. Then I wrap a plastic bag over it (attractive, I know). I put a winter hat over that. If it's hot, I compensate by wearing less clothing to bed. The theory is that it creates a perfect climate for hair growth and moisturizing. It's called the "greenhouse effect". It looks disgusting after I take the bag off in the morning, all sweaty and oily, but it feels wonderful after I shampoo it. This is what I believe grows my hair most effectively.

I'm going to create a thread for information about the results of my experiment. I have a visual of the hair growth from last month's henna and the month before that peroxide (bad idea), and I do believe this month's grow out is more significant than last month. I'll let everyone know for sure if it is!
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On a mission to grow out after my big chop!
No magic pill, make sure to focus on keeping your hair moisturized and healthy and it will grow.

Scalp massages will stimulate circulation and can possibly help growth.

Some people might recommend hair pills, but I honestly think they are a waste of money.

You can always try juicing if you want ways to get more vitamins into your body. I have heard of women who juiced carrots everyday and got up to an inch+ of hair growth a month.

Castor oil is good with growth as well, but you might need to dilute it in something else since it can be very sticky.

Good luck!
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This is not a fashion trend, it's not a statement, it's pride for who we are and what we look like. And that is where our true beauty shines.

I chopped my hair off four years ago before I knew what BC was or CG. I just wanted natural hair and it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I did not do any research before hand and did not have any friends/family who could give me advice.

Advice I would like to give you is that you should be patient when trying products. When I first did the BC many products worked well with my hair. As my hair grew, so did its needs. I wanted to give up a few times and chop it off again but now I have learned what my hair likes. I am still learning new things every day!

If I can turn back time, I would make sure I detangle more. A few years ago and had no clue that actually taking the time to detangle is very important, mainly because I heard that I do not have to detangle. For some reason I never questioned it and just went with the flow. I would wonder why products weren't working and then I started getting huge tangles and chances of hair actually started coming out. I had to cut a bunch of hair off, which sucked big time.

Good luck with your hair journey!

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