Diaster please help

I used to have hair half way down my chest. Until I made the stupid choice to cut it all off. Right now, its at my shoulders. I've been crying for about three-four hours because of this mistake. I look younger (people already mistake me for a 12 year old when I'm 19 so you have to understand the gravity of that statement). The stylist refused to give me layers so it is shaped like a triangle (I might go back tomorrow and get my money back). She cut off six inches when I only really wanted about four gone, just so it is more manageable.

Please - PLEASE, I need every tip I can get to make it grow faster. Do you guys take any supplements? Product recommendations? Daily routines? It took me about four years to get those six inches. I miss the way my hair used to be heavy and create cute ringlets, now it is just fluffy frizz. Please help so I can stop crying over my hair.
im so sorry to hear this! you should go back and talk to them, so they see how unhappy you are. i would be trying to get my money back first of all.
second instead of fighting it, try to love it all over again, i know its hard, but try to do stuff to make what you have work for you. different styles etc.
things you can do to speed up growth:
take: biotain, msn, omega, or a b complex. you should be able to get special vitamins formulated for hair n skin n nail growth.
rosemary oil helps. i swear by this. ive made a growth booster that i message into my scalp every night. i use a base oil of argan and evening primrose oil and add vit E and rosemary n peppermints oil.
again, im sorry to hear about your bad experience, i hope that you figure somthing out.

my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
my hair loves conditioner only styling!
Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
4 years to get six inches??? Do you have dry/damaged/hair or lots of breakage? The average growth rate should be about .25 -.5'' a month or about 3-6 inches a year. If your ends are healthy and your hair is well moisturized you might want to adjust your diet (more fruits, veggies, protein). I am really not an advocate of hair pills, but you can try that if you want. But before we get on topical solutions or pills to take I would really like a rundown of your current hair regimen. Are you happy with your hair? How are your ends? Do you get breakage? etc etc
Mostly 3c and lovin' my curls

This is not a fashion trend, it's not a statement, it's pride for who we are and what we look like. And that is where our true beauty shines.


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