I have started msm for hair growth I think....

So I got a bottle of msm from whole foods and I have been using for about a week because I heard it does really well for hair growth. I also noticed on the bottle it says for joint movement, but why does it help hair growth? So I heard
I don't know the actual science, but I heard that joint health is generally what it's used for, and hair growth is just a side effect.
Another thing for you is the cayenne pepper oil. Its proven to increase hair growth in humans and even rats. It the only thing ive seen on the internet that has scientific studies and results. Its a common hair loss remedy. The pepper wakes up the hair follicles because peppers have capsacin which irritaes skin. It tingles on the scalp but kicks hair growth up a notch

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I heard of that. But how about ground cayenne pepper? Diluted, of course.

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