I'm keeping my hair braided for a year, how can I help it grow healthy and long?

Its been about two years since I've gotten a perm and My hair is complently natural. I have about 9 inches of hair and it's very thick. (I think my hair type is 3c in the front & 4a in the back) I'm only 16 and still pretty depentant on my parents. My mom doesn't like my natural and hardly lets me wear it out (Usually I'll sneak and take out my braids then the next day I get cussed out & yelled at by my mom then a week later I have briads again -.-) My dad usually likes to stay out of my mom's way so he won't say anything to her even though he doesn't have a issuse with my hair. My mom has natural hair too, (I think....I've never really seen my mom's hair, But last time I did It was permed and VERY thin)but all she wears is weave and wigs. And she doesn't know how to take care of natural hair and can't handle it either which is why she put a rexlaer in my hair. Early this year when she was yelling at me saying "I know what I'm talkin' about. I know how to take care of natural hair it's hard work." Then about a month ago she said "I really don't know to work with natural hair, back in the day we just used hot combs." So she pretty much just lied to me and is clue-less. She puts me down when I do have my hair and when I try to do my hair hair. Then drags me in to the bathroom and combs out what ever I did with a skinny ass comb! She's constantly trying to stop me when I i'm trying a new product or if i'm trying a natural recipe. I'm just tried and I can take it anymore. So I Diside that untill August 2013 I will wear my hair in braids. So I want to grow my hair as healty and long as possible. Hopefully, my Last year of high school i'll be able to teach my self how to mange my hair. I'm chosing my last year of high school becuase I'll know I'll have a job and a car by then. So I will be more independent and I also have my hair stylist who has been doing my hair since I was like 8. (She's REALLY been helping me in every way with my hair. She thinks I'll be better off natural anyway and she helped me with my Transition. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have any hair. My mom was relaxing my hair to often and using curling iron which broke off my hair).So what can I do to keep my hair healty so it will grow? (I will do ANYTHING)
Wow your mom sounds like a handful but im glad you still decide to do what you think is best for YOUR hair lol. And although you want to experiment with your loose hair actualy keeping your hair braided for almost a year is aiding in keeping it healthy and growing long- protective styling!

Just make sure you dont keep each set of braids in for too long(I cant give you a time b/c everyone hair is different. ex. I would only be able to get braids in for 3 weeks max at a time ) Dont neglect your hair just because you cant see it, still wash, condition, dc, oil or whatever you do to maintain your hair. And be careful when taking down your braids. Good luck
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How many times such I DC and how many times should do a regular Condi.? My stylist sometimes tells me not wash my braids so often becuase they will frizz up.
ive actually never had braids in my hair so idk if i could help..

i DC once a week and condition my hair EVERYTIME i shampoo. plus i leave in condish too anyways

for you since you have braids and you dont want it to frizz im guessing maybe once every 3 weeks? your mom sounds so mean lol but she'll learn to deal with it if natural hair is what you want to stick to trust me i have family that is constantly telling my sister and i that we need to perm/relax/straigthen/texturize our hair but i would never. you can do this! goodluck with your hair journey XD
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You should Dc every time you wash or your hair. And yes your stylist is right so you could try doing what elenaa suggested every 3 weeks or 1 month. At the most i would say twice a month but then again I dont know the amount of products you use, what products you, how much you sweat, etc. Give it a ty and if you feel you need to wash more frequently do so.
BC-SL-CBL-APL-BSL-MBL-WL-HL!(Ultimate goal unless I change my mind)

-Dont know hair type!&Don't wanna- Just have a lovely assortment of coils and curls of all sizes

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