I can't deal with my severe heat damage !

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Looooong story short ! Two years ago, january 2011, I chopped my amazing hair to my shoulders, hated it curly and short, so I used nonstop heat tools !! Damaged it to the worst!! Had to chop it again in september 2011, threw away my flat iron but still kept getting dominican blowouts not knowing about heat damage. Now that my hair is a little past my shoulders I've been trying to wear it curly ! But my 1in to my ends is completely straight in my crown section !!! I can't deal with this heat damage !!!!!! I've tried all natural hairstyles my hair is still to thin from the last year none of the hairstyles look right !!! Ive tried the aphogee protein treatment twice, no result !! I think my heat damage badddddd. I go to hairdressing school I have to have my hair styles presentable !! I don't want to keep blow drying it as often !!! Idk what to do ! I have 3c hair, well had the only thing that curls are my hairs around my edges !! Please ladies help !!
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Sorry to hear about all the heat damage, it sucks The only thing you can do is stop heat-styling altogether (really, a must in order to start repair), and add lots of moisture and protein to strengthen and balance your hair while you grow it out. I had heat damage in the front hairline area, and I'm STILL growing it out, and it happened Nov. '11, after flat-ironing my hair only ONCE. I will never do that again, not worth it. Now I've got some hair in the front that's only like 5 or so inches long, when the rest is over 20
Try braidouts,2 strand twists or roller sets.
You basically have to transition. If you don't want to cut off the heat damage any time soon you're going to have to research low-manipulation/no-heat styles you can utilize to make you're hair look presentable while not causing further damage to the fresh hair that will be growing in. Curl sets and up-do's are cute. If that is too much work and you really cannot stand the look of your hair then my suggestion is to get a hair cut that flatters both your face shape and your hair type.
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