♥Do curls get wavier as they get longer?♥

Hi. I'm in the process of growing my hair.
Right now it's at my shoulders and I HAVE to wear it up
in a ponytail because when my hair is short its get more curlier and bigger. I have noticed that my curls have
gotten less curlier and have gotten more wavy like. My question is,Do curls get wavier as you grow them out? Please answer thank you
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Condtioner:Tresemme Flawless curls

I'm only 12 and I NEED hair advice.
It depends. I find that as hair grows, the shrinkage is generally less severe, making the curls seem bigger.

However, in your case, your loss of curl can also be attributed to hair damage. Especially since you mentioned the fact that you always wear your hair up in a ponytail, the constant stretching and pulling might be wrecking your curl pattern.

I would probably switch your styles occasionally to prevent that stretch damage.
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My hair is mid-thigh length and it still curls fairly nicely, although the curls aren't as strong and springy as my bangs. I don't think that your hair is long enough to do that yet. As Sandi said above, it very likely could be damage that is causing your hair to be like that.
My hair definitely goes from 3a curls when it's short to 2c waves when it's longer (substantially longer, usually).
2c, fine, extremely dense, color-treated, high porosity.

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I've heard that type 2 hair tends to get curlier as it grows longer because it is a loose curl pattern and needs more hair to complete the curl, whereas type 3 hair gets curlier as it gets shorter because there is less weight to pull out the curl.
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