How often should I get trims?

I want to grown my hair out to bra-strap length. That said, I don't want to have a ton of split ends that a stylist will be tempted to chop off before I get to my goal.

I'm thinking with CG, my hair will be less damaged, and so the usual six-to-eight week advice probably won't hold. I get my hair salon colored about once every two months, so I'm thinking I'll get a light (1/2 inch) trim every four months (i.e.,every two visits), unless I want to improve the shaping some or trim my bangs, then I'll ask for a very light dusting. That way, I'll still see substantial growth within a year.

Does that sound reasonable to maintain both good growth and prevent split ends?
2c, fine, extremely dense, color-treated, high porosity.

CG since 10/12
Every 4 months sounds good to me. I'd go with the dusting of the ends to get rid of split ends. I only plan to trim my ends when I do length checks every 6 months and that's the only time I'll flat iron my hair.

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