my hair doesn't grow

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I am new on curly nikki
I have been natural for 2 years now and i keep my hair in long twists that i do myself. My plan is to grow my hair very long and then leave it alone because honestly I hate my 4c hair texture. I figured I'd like it better long but it is not growing at all.
I am also confused on how to take care of my hair because every time i ask or do some research I get soo much information that I have trouble following. I think being natural shouldn't be more high maintenance than when I had a perm.
My hair is not soft... it's a little dry and it's short. Please help me on this whole thing... Idk what to do and I don't want to give up on my hair.
Thank you in advance.
I suggest a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner then a good leave in conditioner and oil to seal the moisture in. The thing with 4c hair is because its so tight it shrinks a lot so you can't see the growth like you would on looser textures and it tends to be more fragile so it breaks easier which also makes growing it out even more difficult. But if you dnt like your hair now what makes you think you will like it when it's long. I dnt mean to offend but 4c hair grows up and out so as it grows you might end up with a huge Afro. Love your hair keep it moisturized and be patient it is growing
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