Growing hair thats been dyed

Hi so a just colored my hair a couple weeks ago using permnnant hair dye (dye is already fading) my ultimate goal is to have thigh length hair . I was wondering if its possible to grow hair super long if its had a chemical treatment? Also since my hair is 3b/3c (which is usualy more prone to breakage and dryness) would this have any effect on length retention?
And for all the ladies who dye their hair and have long hair how do you retain length/reduce breakage, keep hair healthy, and how many color treatments has the length of your hair had?
The answer is yes.

I color my hair. I do the roots every month and refresh the length every 6 months. I only use a 10 Vol developer - which is maximum deposit with minimum lift. A girl's gotta chase the grays. But I stick with the same level every time - level 3 - very dark.

The most coloring damage happens when you LIFT color - especially if you go dark, then back to light and all over the place. Even lightening of virgin hair is damaging. But bad things happen when you can't make up your mind!
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