Woes of a closeted transwoman

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So here's where I'm at -- I'm a 25 y/o male-to-female transgender woman who is not entirely ready to come fully "out" and start living my life as a woman full-time (please don't judge -- I've heard it all). I love my long(ish) hair and have always been sort of able to excuse it because people say I look like some kind of hippie or metalhead, anyway (admittedly, I guess I'm sort of a little of both).

Well, the problem is that I'm about ready to become a real adult with a real grown-up job that expects male employees to have a short, conservative haircut and, like I said, I'm not ready to start living as a woman full-time yet.

I considered going for a short, androgynous haircut that would look masculine enough when I needed it to, but still cute and feminine when I wanted, as well, but my hair grows really slowly, it took me a long time to get it this long, and I would miss it terribly (it's down to slightly past my shoulders now).

One time, I saw this Campari ad and saw how the woman hid her hair when she was dressed as a man. Would that be a difficult trick to pull off? My hair is much shorter and finer than hers is. Can anyone maybe give me a link to a tutorial? I wouldn't even know what to search.

Or feeding me ideas for shorter haircuts would be appreciated, too
Wow! The model with her hair pulled back is very sexy!

I was going to suggest a pixie with the hair left long on top, which you could comb back at work and let fall forward otherwise. I think.....oh, what's her name....she's Queen of the Vampires on that show.....she has something like that right now. (She has three names, she dated Marilyn Manson.....it's Monday morning and I'm brain dead but busy --- sorry!)

HTH (hah)


Evan Rachel Wood!

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You said vampire queen, and I was summoned to this thread....how is that possible?

Evan Rachael Wood is her name, Sophie Anne on the show lol

her short hair in different ways.



Justin Timberlake straightened his hair and it looked like this also:
Those are good options. I was thinking maybe even something more Miley Cyrus-like.

I love that new cut of hers. Or something a little shorter than the pictures above... Something that can slick down easily for men's wear but be pomade-ed up funky or sexy for women's wear.

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Thanks, everyone! I really like Ms. Wood's hair and it's definitely a very likely candidate should I decided to cut it. I hadn't seen Miley Cyrus' new hairstyle until just now; I do like it, but I just don't think it would look good on me.

In a perfect world, I wouldn't have to cut it at all, though. I'd really like to know how the woman in the ad did it, if only to satisfy my curiosity
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I feel a little silly suggesting this but there have been many movies where men dress up as women (and maybe vice versa) you might get some ideas there. The Birdcage, The Crying Game and Mrs Doubtfire for example. It also might be worth it to search for transvestite message boards or info sites. I realize there is a difference between that and transgender but it seems like transvestites are most likely to have dealt with where you are now.
Good luck

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