Advice for dry hair trying to gain length

Hello all. I'm new to this forum.
My hair journey started in late 2009 when I started trying to grow out a bob. My goal is still to reach waist length. In that time I have cut twice, once before my wedding (when I should have been more clear with the hairdresser that my goal was to grow my hair! Unfortunately she hacked into it and thinned it out a lot and gave me lots of layers) and about this time last year I grabbed my pony tail and cut it off. The problem is that my hair is dry at the ends and it grows really slowly or maybe its because of my height (I'm 5'9) it seems like its taking such a long time?
My ends are dry and coarse. I haven't had long hair since I was a child but I remember even then kids would say I had 'horse hair' because its so thick, dry and dark. Probably because of my middle eastern background.
What I'm really looking for is someone with similar hair to tell me their routine.
I have a dry scalp.
My hair is wavy, the ends are dry the main part feels moisturized and thick. I haven't cut my hair at all since I cut off the 5 inches of frizz last year. You can see from my picture that the hemline is ragged and uneven. To me, my hair looks like its in pretty bad shape.

I don't know if its in my head but it looks like my hair is quite thin at the top and suddenly poofs out at the back. Maybe that's from tying it up all the time?
I dye my dark brown hair dark black with black henna, not real henna, I use the eagles stuff. I know I stuffed up there but now my hair is permanently black and there's nothing I can do about it except re-touch my roots. I've only dyed the whole length once.
I wash my hair probably once every 4 days-once a week. I used to CO but found it led to build up. I use regular supermarket SLS shampoo and conditioner.
I usually tie my hair up with regular thick hair bands and also hair combs like 6 days a week. I usually sleep with braids in my hair to prevent snarls.
I've tried oils but find the look really greasy and they don't do much to my ends.
Sometimes I use schwarzkopf morrocan oil leave in conditioner but I noticed on the days that I used that and then combed my hair I had drastic breakage all over my desk and all the snapped off hairs were about an inch and a half in length.
I never heat treat my hair.
I can feel there's a good 3 inches of my hair that should probably be chopped off but I can't bring myself to do it considering how excruciating its been watching my hair grow all these years.
I think I need to get into a good routine with good habits so I can lessen damage and not need to chop.

Thanks! Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi :} first thing first I would say use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Look into getting a moisturizing deep conditioner and deep conditioning once a week. You mentioned you don't want a greasy look, so stay away from oils and products with mineral, petroleum, lanolin, and anything that looks "heavy" cause it will make your hair look weighed down but for me, wild growth hair oil is very light and a little goes a long way and with the nozzle bein small, you won't accidentally use too much. and lastly, most people use henna as a protein treatment and being u don't use the real henna {I believe is what you said} its possible that you have a protein overload and need moisture to balance everything out.
Your hair sounds and looks like my relaxed hair did and back then my regimen was
Washing once a week with a moisturizing/strengthening shampoo {herbal essences honey I'm strong and organix awapuhi ginger } and matching conditioner
Deep conditioning for 30 minutes with the conditioner with a shower cap on
a hot oil treatment on the length of my hair only.
By following this regimen, my hear went from ear length to below bra strap in 2 years and I'm 5'8
HTH ;}

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