Growing out my pixie cut!

Hello. I'm 18 years old and I graduated just last year (2012). I had long-ish hair, down to my arm pits (when wet or straightened), and I decided to cut it all off! I live in a very warm and humid climate and having curly hair was just a pain in the butt. Also, being busy with school I never really knew how to do my hair other than straightening and pulling it into a bun. So after years of frustration, I decided to do a pixie cut. I'm 3a so my hair doest curl to the roots and I figured "Oh well then it'll be easy to style if its not so curly anymore." And I was right! I had it cut so that it was shorter on the sides and back and longer on top. It was super cute for awhile because it was new and I was experimenting but now I guess I miss pulling it into a ponytail if Im having a bad hair day. With a pixie cut, its hard to do that. I had to straighten my hair every time I showered and it got old real fast. So, now Im growing it out! Its been 2 months since I got it cut (back in December). I got it trimmed just a few days ago to "shape" it so it wont be so painful when it grows out. I was also slowly getting a mullet, a Kansas City Waterfall, so I had that trimmed. If you're growing out a pixie cut like me, GOOD LUCK! Its going to be awkward and painful but we can do it!
(The pictures attached are of my before and after)
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good luck. its a struggle and u will get frustrated and just want to chop it back off but dont. this is my 3rd attempt but this time im determianed.
i also have 3a hair, not any root curl but i am able to diffuse some curl into my hair and use scarves and headbands. i will do this for another month or 2 i think until i get enough hair to tuck behind my ears as it grows. i had pixie short bangs so i need to get those to a decent length last cut was dec24th and the next week is when i decided to grow it. u seem to be doing pretty good with your grow out so far. your current pic is well ahead of me..keep updates. it keeps me motivated!
Me too. Ech. Why? Why am I intentionally going around looking ugly? Oh yeah. Up-dos.

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