Tips for growing healthy hair???

Hello everyone,

I had to do another big chop due to my hair breaking off in huge patches. Went to the dermatologist and they had no answers for me and couldn't prescribe me anything due to pregnancy. Has anyone been through this? Does anyone have any advice on starting over?
You may want to make sure that you have dietary deficiencies. Then make sure that you are using the right tools and products for your hair length. Finally trim hair to blend with broken areas. Good luck.
All I can advise is a healthy diet. Foods such as eggs, fish, milk, nuts and pulses are meant to help hair growth. Is your hair thinning? Maybe you have an iron deficiency?

If you have a scalp condition try massaging coconut or castor oil on your scalp. This is also meant to stimulate hair growth.

What are the properties of your hair? Maybe it needs something that it's not getting.
This is my prayer. That I'll die living just as free as my hair.
My ob did say I was borderline anemic so the iron deficiency may be one of the reasons my hair has been thinning and dropping out so bad. I go back next week to have my iron levels checked again. I will take your advice on the diet you suggested and see if that helps. I also ordered some of Jamaican black castor oil to help bring back some of my hair
My hair did that after I gave birth. It was a patch near the back of my head. That's why I went natural. Maybe you're allergic to a product you're using. My hair stopped liking relaxers.
Shampoo: Terressetials Mud Wash (lavender or lemon)
Co-Wash: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Conditioner
Deep Conditioner: Anita Grant's Rhassoul Deep Condish
Leave In: Kinky Curly Knot Today
Creams/Oils: Raw Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jamican Black Castor Oil and Jojoba Oil

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