Need help with hair growth.

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This is my 2nd bc and I really need help and advice as to how to help my hair grow healthy and to at least bsl for now. My hair is currently 2 1/2 inches when stretched 1/2inch when shrinkage takes place. Please help. I'm 4C.

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Building a routine helps. For instance, a day you dedicate to wash and deep condition, apply leave in, apply a styler, apply oil and style (maybe twists or braids). Sleep in a silk or satin scarf. When dry, take down twists or braids. Pineapple hair at night or place in larger braids or twists with a little more leave in. Your hair is always growing the issue is to retain the length of what has grown. One way to retain all the length is to avoid heat and hair color. Heat is not as bad from a blow dryer with a diffuser as would be a flat iron. The flat iron can change your hair permanently. Hope this helps.
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Thanks I've been thinking about trying the LOC method and lots of protective styling.

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Here is another tip. Trim your hair every four months. If you trim every month you will trim off all the new growth. In addition to the loc method, leave in your hair conditioner. It will be different at first, but your hair will love it. HELLO HYDRATION is a good conditioner that you can leave it. Don't comb your hair dry,ever. And stay away from heat if possible. Take your time, be patient and accept the process of having natural hair.

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You should watch this very helpful video that answers your question if you haven't already (by Naptural85). She's a very well-known natural hair gal on Youtube!

Naptural 85: My TOP 10 TIPS on Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair

Hair always grows. Sometimes it grows really fast or really slow. It usually grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. I think most people just have trouble with keeping it on their head. So practice some safe handling and protection. Also I heard that taking biotin and msm help. I've taken biotin but not long enough to really notice growth but I already noticed my nails have been growing really fast and stronger. I feel like I have to cut it every few days. If it doesnt really help at least you have nice nails right?
I've read that using ayervedic herbs (such as amla, skikakai, and brahmi) can help encourage hair growth. I'm in the process of developing a routine using these herbs, so I don't have any experience with them yet...but I've heard good things!
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I love henna!

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I am having success with growing hair back in bald spots from JBCO.

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