summer and fast hair growth

does your hair seem to grow faster is the summer? My hair has been growing so fast I cant believe it. Its never grown this fast in years. I had my hair at ear length just a few months ago and normally it takes a year and a half for it to grow and even touch my shoulders. Its been a few months and my hair is already past my shoulders wet.
I'm definitely the same! When I went travelling I was constantly in the sunshine and in warm countries - my hair grew so much! I feel like in the winter it grows much slower. I think the sunlight and the heat must stimulate the growth a lot
or maybe because we drink alot more water in the summer? I drink cups and cups. so that might be it too. by winter my hair is gonna b so long. Im excitedd
LMBO. Sorry. It's this thing I picked up on Twitter. It's means, "I don't even know."

But, that water theory makes sense.

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Also, people tend to wet their hair more in the summer that could be it too. Water internally and externally is also a great growth aid.

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Maybe its hot during the summer and we drink more water??
Maybe its hot during the summer and we drink more water??
Originally Posted by Neirelle
Yeah, someone already said that. Haha. I agree. *Nods.*

- Sent from Anddy's iPhone. 😋

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