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Dear curly haired girls, I have spectacular news for you!! About a month and a half, two months ago, I started taking biotin pills. I had heard that they promoted hair and nail growth, so I thought I'd try them out. They work wonders. After a few weeks I could already see my hair growing, eclectically my shorter, baby hairs closer to my scalp. I just take one, 10,000 mcg pill a day! The brand is Spring Valley, and it's cheap, 5-10$ depending on the size you get. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to grow out their hair!! I've already gotten tons of my friends hooked on it haha. There's a picture of the bottle belowBiotin Pills-imageuploadedbycurltalk1378774020.852748.jpg
Oops, that's supposed to say especially haha. Darn autocorrect. Sorry!
I used Spring Valley Biotin and was taking 5,000 mcg a day and I never really saw any difference.. Maybe I should have taken more?

I also tried Hair, Skin & Nails by Futurebitotics and it had no effect really either..

Maybe I'm just adverse to the pills and I'm just a person it doesn't work on but I'll definitely try to up my biotin and see if that helps!
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That's great! I was taking them for awhile until I saw a post in here about dangers of taking to much biotin..? Idk how true that is so after reading this thread I started taking mine again. Have same brand and mg as you! Hope I get same results!
I read about some side effects, but I haven't experienced any at all.
Great that it's working for you. Gave me horrible cystic acne.
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I would break out like crazy taking that much biotin. I have to keep my biotin to no more than about 2,000.

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Potential side effects of megadosing can include acne and kidney failure, you can see your skin but most of us don't have the facilities to monitor renal function
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I use Nature made 2500 mcg biotin and I've noticed it makes my nails a lot stronger and they grow super fast. I'm not sure if it does anything for my hair though. I've only been on them for a little under a month however and I know these things take time, but if it doesn't do anything for my hair growth I'll still take them for my nails.

I refuse to up my dosage, so if I don't see results with 2500 mcgs then oh well.

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