Has no one thought of curly perming their straight pieces?

I have heat damage at the front of my head. Its pin straight from flat ironing too much. but the rest is wonderfully curly.

Main Question: If I stopped using my flat iron, couldn't I just give my hair a curly perm in the pattern of my natural hair? In theory couldn't that work? Has anyone ever done that before? Pros? Cons?

I'm seriously considering this because I love to wear my hair both curly and straight, but with school now, I find I don't have the time or patience to deal with straightening. I'm used to being able to flip my head over and scrunch. So much quicker.
This would do more harm than good, as you're basically taking really damaged hair and then damaging it even more. I considered doing this while I was transitioning, but I didn't because I figured it went against everything I was trying to do; I wanted healthy, undamaged and natural hair, so perming would only make my hair less healthy, more damaged and less natural.

If your hair is PIN straight from damaging then your heat damage must be severe, so perming might cause it to snap or break. I'd really advise against it. You can always just apply some styler then braid that piece, then when it's dry take out the braid so it's curly like the rest of your hair.

Also, with perming, there's no guarantee it's going to match your natural curls, so you might find if you just perm that bit it'll look quite weird. I'm also not sure a hairdresser would just perm one bit, they'd probably be reluctant to and advise perming your whole head so it matches and looks even.

Just be patient with it. Your hair is damaged and needs TLC to recover. Deep condition, do pre-poos / oil treatments, cut out sulfates and harmful chemicals and just wait. Wait for it to grow and be healthy, rather than damaging it more. The biggest thing with transitioning is patience; you don't want to take one step forward and two back.
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You could try VERY lightly spritzing those areas and pin curling for 20 min. Or overnight.
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I did perm the top layer of my hair (I'm a type 2 wavy) but it didn't match the waves, and ultimately wound up perming the whole thing. It was just another way of avoiding my natural hair.

I like chupie's idea.




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Great answer.
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What are some protective styles that you can retain length with ?

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