Protective styling question...

Why do my "sistas of color" feel that they have to do protective styling in order for their hair to grow?

MahoganyCurls never did protective styling and her hair is long, neither has my daughter and her hair is bra strap length.

Why have we internalized the belief that our hair is so much worst or different from our Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian counterparts?

I used to go to a stylist in Los Angeles and the name of his shop was "Just Hair" and he used to say all the is "just hair" and all of it is made up of the same components.

I have never felt my hair was worst that the hair of my Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian sistas, [I wore a perm because I grew up wearing one-it was cultural], or that it was inherently differently so I never had a problem with hair care or growth.

I had people at work who said they thought "people of color" couldn't grow their hair long until the saw me and my children, [my sons wore their hair long for a time].

Even on this board, there are people that want to regulate all "sistas of color" to a certain hair type and/or length. That is foolish and needs to stop.

Remember "as a person thinks so is he/she" and "there is power in the tongue"...your thoughts and words activate negativity or positivity.

As my friend says in light of some comments and thoughts..."don't give LIFE to it"...

My hair is "exotic, beautiful and free",,,yeah, that be ME!!!
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I'm not sure either- I'm not in fully in one camp or the other. I think it is necessary for some people to protective style but it annoys me to no end when people try to force it as the "only" way to get healthy, long hair. For example, my older sisters hair tangles and knots so badly when out that she keeps it tucked away at all times. Well, she used to- she started locs from 2-strand twists last week. She told me she had flat twisted stretched hair the night before to sleep but told me she still spent roughly a half hour total detangling time while putting in her twists.

On the other hand, I'm horrible about playing in my hair, manipulating, and causing knots when my hair is out. So sometimes I do feel like a protective style would be great but I still don't do it. (I have been conciously working on stopping this behavior too which has helped a lot.) Now my hair is in that awkward stage between short and medium- one area is long enough to be rubbing my wool coat collar, getting frayed so I've been contemplating them more. I put in a few nape to crown cornrows for a style but took them out already- my nape hairs were coming out. This happens a lot and I really end up feeling like my wash and go ends up being the lowest manipulation, and longest lasting hairdo. Then I just don't like wigs (get too hot), don't want weave, and can't even fake a bun at my current length.

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It's not a matter of worse or better hair. It's different hair properties kinky hair has. It tends to be more porous due to kinks and thus more prone to breakage.
So protective syling IMO is the best and effortless method to keep your hair alone to grow and not disturbing it with manipulation etc. I can see it myself even thought I m caucasian. Buns, braids ponytails etc are the quickest, easiest and most practical road to longer hair.
I trully believe afro hair with proper care look absolutely stunning and especially long afro is spectacular.
Protective styling does not equal "our hair is worse than our Caucasian/Asian/Latino counterparts". Like, what in the world.

It is true that hair is "just hair", I agree, but certain hair types have different properties that serve as an advantage and disadvantage. That's just the way it is. It doesn't mean that the hair is bad, it means that you have to take different steps and processes to achieve the results you want. A lot of women don't have to protective style, I agree. But some choose to and I can dig that also.

Many of the reasons it's done is to minimize knots and manipulation that could cause the hair to become more fragile and break. Trust me I'm not big on the protective style brigade either but once my hair hit BSL I started seeing a lot more knots and snarls, and when you only detangle once a week what you do during the week can make a big difference on simplicity. Protective styling during the week days has kept my hands out my hair, reduced knots, and made detangling at the end of the week a lot easier. It's not about me hating my hair, it's about me wanting to get to waist length with as little trims as possible so I can get to showing out. LOL. I show out with my almost MBL hair too but you know what I mean, I'm impatient. :P

Protective styling isn't the ONLY way to grow hair long, but for quite a few it's an easy and good way to do so, so why is it an issue?

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