salon straight-razor shave or DIY

I was wondering do most men do their own straight razor shaves or do they go get it done at a salon. It is a bit costly here and I am trying to decide should I go ahead and learn how to do it myself or should I get it done at a salon.

I want it to be styled and I am not sure if I should experiment on my face with school starting in a few days. But then again, I do not think I can see myself paying ~$40-50 every 2-3 days to have a shave maintained by a salon. Thought?
I am really considering that option since I have not even placed my order on Amazon yet for the straight razor. But the more I read into it, the more I think I can just do it myself. I just need more time. Also, unless I video the barber then I will not know what they actually did.
They do have some videos of which I am perusing when I have free time. But school starts on Monday and I need to have this done by then. I think I will just bite the bullet and get it done 'professionally' the first time and then I will do my own thing when my own kit arrives from Amazon.

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