I'm brand new! How often do you get your hair cut?

I'm growing my hair. I got it cut extremely short - about 1 - 2 inches all over in August. (I wanted to cut out the bleached, dry color) So I'm currently completely natural - dark blonde with some gray (God's highlights!) and my curls have returned. It's been 8 weeks since my last trim and I am scheduled to get my first (!) dry haircut at the end of next month. I just discovered this website and started using the Deva products and am loving my little short curls! I'm a 2A - 3A or B. (I'm not sure yet) My goal is to grow it to shoulder length once it's dried. Obviously I don't want to get cuts too often. Any advice or personal experience with growing out from that short? TIA.
fine, 3a hair; using Suave CO, trying to find right gel
I'm growing my hair out too... I recently cut it from BSL to about 8" to get rid of all the damage. I plan to just trim it myself every month, taking a SMALL amount off the ends. Hair grows .5" every month on average, so trimming a small amount will help keep it healthy and still ensure it is growing more than you're cutting it.
What's working this week:
Shower: Garnier 3x Nutrition shampoo 1x per week, cowash with Tres Semme Naturals, condition with
GF Sleek and Shine deep conditioner
Styling: Tres Semme Naturals as leave in, L'Oreal Melting gel and HE SMU raked in, LOOB and AG Re:Coil scrunched in, Jojoba Oil scrunched in when totally dry
Right now, it's been 3 months since I got my hair cut, because the last time I went to have it cut, it was cut too short, IMO. So I've just trimmed my bangs once during that time, and my hair is looking better. I plan on going (hopefully)another 3 months until having a very tiny trim, as I want to let my hair grow alot longer(it's above shoulder-length now). Ideally, I'd love to have my hair at least BSL/mid-back. It's probably gonna take 2 years to get it there! I have 2C/3A hair that's fine in texture but plentiful. Haircutters have commented that I have enough hair on my head for 3 people, and this is at the age of 59 furthermore.

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