So normaly I post in curly teens, because you know...thats what I am.
But now its time to step out of my comfort zone for some regulars to the growing out forum.
I am 15 and last year I donated my hair to locks of love.
I loved my short curly hair for the longest time until, a few months ago when a demon woman killed my hair.
This lady gave me the worst haircut of my life.
So, I tried to make it look a little cuter by adding lowlights.
Well, dying it was a bad idea because the lowlights turned black.
So then I had to strip all the color out of my hair and re-dye it.
I dyed it back to a similar color to my natural hair but since then, it has been lightning up. So now, I have my brunette roots and and blondish ends.
Now, I decided I sort of want my long hair back that I had before donating.
I have been letting it grow for a while.
But right now, my "layers" (its more like one really short layer all over my head) are too short to pull into a ponytail.
So, I am stuck.
My hair has length on the bottom and not so much on the top.
I have been so tempted to go to the salon and get a haircut, but then that would set me back alot.
I'm so sorry. A bad hair cut or color can mess things up for a while. My best advice is to go somewhere ELSE and get very specific about a cute cut that you can live with. I had to cut off an inch this month do to split ends, but it looks SO much better and I'm so much happier with it! It might take you a bit longer to grow out, but, in my experience, it is so much better to grow out with fun cuts that you like along the way!

Hope that helps!
Hey Em,

I agree with Heather - go somewhere you can trust and get a cut you like while it's growing out. I had short curly hair for nearly my whole life. It took me about 18 months to get it from my ear to halfway down my back. Patience, good conditioner (Joico K-Pak Protein Reconstructor and Hydrator - 2 separate bottles), and omega 3, 6, 9 supplements (Borage oil and flax seed) got me through it. ;D By the way, I'm a 3a/3b.

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I agree, find someone who will make your hair look nice while you are growing it out. The next time you go talk to the person and tell them what happened last time. Be very specific to what you want.

Also, there are plenty of cute clips to wear in your hair while your growing. You'll get through this stage.
Angel Hugs and Love

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