Plan of action...or no action?


I'm new to this board, too, and I have no idea how I should be going about growing my hair out.

I cut it short about 5 years ago, after years of straightening and denying my hair wasn't straight. It's the longest its been since then right now, but I don't even know what my hair does on its own! I have no idea what I'm in for and what I can expect from my hair.

I would kind of like to get a trim to get myself on track with something more conducive to curls/waves (whichever I happen to have...) but I don't know what to ask for.

Does anyone have any advice?

This is what my hair looks like now, air-dried and lightly geled.

and this is what it does completely gel-less:

(I don't know how picture posting works here, so if this is not a good way, please let me know. )
Hi ClaireD
I am newbie here too.

The cut you have now is really cute and I like it. It looks nice with and without gel.
I am growing mine back to BS after I trimmed about 3" off the ends this winter so I am growing out too.

I say just give it some time and see how your curls/waves lay. When mine was shorter, while I grew it out, I spent my time playing with clips, claws, and little pins. Why not experiment and have fun while it grows longer. Half updos where great when growing out shorter lengths.

If you do want to go for a trim think about 1/4" so you dont take too much of your length off. That should give you nice fresh ends.

Angel Hugs and Love

Thick, Med-Coarse 2c-3a
Long Layers
20.5 - 25.5 June - 30
Just Below BS

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