oh god! what did i do!

So I'd been trying to grow my hair out for the longest time (since a small cut this summer) and was making progress, but then it started to get into that awkward stage where it is completely shapeless. It had a nice mushroom shape going on. The other night I told myself that I was just going to cut out a tiny bit of bulk at the top (I usually cut my own hair, so lack of stylist isn't the problem here). Now it's shorter than it has been in about two years! It's a "socially acceptable" shape, but I still hate it. I can't believe I did this.

How do I make it through the next few months? Someone please keep me from shaving my head and giving up on it all.
4a? Maybe. With some 3c too.

New pics added 5/19/09

I like second day hair better than first
Usual routine is Elucence, Giovanni Direct, Fantasia IC.

How do I make it through the next few months? Someone please keep me from shaving my head and giving up on it all.
Originally Posted by nocomanlasflores
TRUST ME I was so close to doing that last Saturday. I decided to just ignore my hair for now. I have been buying headbands and that has been helping alot. At least people don't notice the two textures.
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I truly feel you. I had to grow out my pixie cut (as you can see in my photos). I always wanted long hair and growing my hair would sometimes be a hard ,long way. Although I dreamed of long hair all the time I sometimes felt the urge to just take the scissors and cut the mess. I'm really glad that I did not do it. So just hang in there.You might find you shape and length annoying, but it will grow. If you keep on cutting your hair because you just don't like the way it looks during this growing-out-process you will always end up cutting. A vicious circle.
Try some different styles, such as:

*twists (twistsout)
*half updos

There are so many ways to make your hair look nice. Maybe you shouldn't focus on your hair too much .Try to keep it healthy. Thinking about it too much will not make it grow faster.

I wish you the very best
Great advice Parasol! By the way, I saw your blog and your hair is BEAUTIFUL. I can hardly wait until mine looks like that!

I recently cut about 2-3 inches of my hair and I got the itch to cut the rest of my hair and have a fro for a little while. My hair has always been past the shoulders so that's traumatic to say the least.

Well last week I washed my hair myself and didn't blow dry or put my hair in rollers. When it dried... wow what a hot mess! I didn't like what I was seeing in the mirror. My hair looked extra short and I almost threw up LOL How dramatic of me.

I couldn't take seeing two textures of hair and the mousse I added didn't make my hair any better. My hairdresser ended up blowdrying it for me and then I got my length back. So now I have decided to not chop off my hair until the end of the summer when I have more growth. Boy did the feeling pass really quick! LOL I'm happy with my progress though and I was thinking of getting a blog and fotki acct.
- Maria

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Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

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