Hairgrowth and your Goals

I want waist length curly first.
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I don't know how well I'll keep it up, my blog The Lions Mane
Well, my overall goal is bsl while curly, but I'm really looking forward to it being long enough to get layers in it. Hopefully the triangle head that was cut in it will leave!
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Would kill for second day hair!
never mind, found my answer.

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I'm going for waist length, my hair is now BSL length.

My goal is about 31". Basically, I want to grow my hair to my hip so it will bounce up to my waist. My hair can bounce up to 6" at a time. Currently, my longest layer is 26.5". I hope to reach my goal by May 2009 next week. When I have reached my goal, I plan to maintain the ends and keep on trimming my hair until the layers grow longer to thicken my ends and keep them healthy. Hair priorities are a) thickness, b) maintaining the curl and c) growth.
Originally Posted by 30isthenewblack
It's so interesting to look back at your old posts. Since August, I have grown 2" and my longest layer is now 28" so 1.5" growth in two months. I may have to re-address my original goal of 31" as my hair has not reached BSL curly at 28".
My goal is BSL while curly, but it'll probably take another couple of years to grow it that long! It's taken me 6 years to grow it out from 3" to just below shoulder length
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I want four inches below my shoulders while curly, please!
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I want BSL Curly hair by August 09 I have probably a half inch past my collar bone while curly and dry now.
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my goal is bsl. i highly doubt my hair will ever be bsl while curly, (my shrinkage is way too serious for that to happen) so i'll settle for shoulder length while curly.
First goal: BSL while curly. I think I will achieve this around August of 2009.

Then: Who knows? Til it stops lookin' good
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Hi girls, I am new here. I am utterly amazed at how long some hair is on this site. I have NEVER had long hair my entire life, my mom didn't know how to deal with curly hair, so she normally brushed it and had it cut in a gypsy shag and it was always majorly frizzy and frowd out. I just recently start using Deva Curl products and went to a curly hair expert that I found using this sight. My hair has never really been past my shoulers unless it was the straggely ends that managed not to get broken. My life long dream is and was to have hair down to my waist, but I was always told by my mom that I would never have it because of genetics (her hair is bone straight) (my dads is very curly). After reading some of your post and learning how to care for my hair correctly now, I think it just might be possible to get some length out of it after all. Please give me some feed back and thoughts! Also....
my goal is bsl or mid back. it is currently a few inches under my shoulders, yay recovering from a bad haircut! i cannot wait until my hair is as long as it used to be my hair grows fast luckily so come spring/summer i should be bsl or even mid-back
My hair is just 3 inches so my current goal is to get it to my shoulders.=) and then slowly work my way down to waist length.
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Hey all, my current curly length is 3.5-4.5 inches depending on where I measure and I plan to grow it another 12-18 inches. I want it long enough so that the shrinkage doesn't bother me and it too heavy to puff outwards. Plus I don't want to think about straightening and long curly hair is way better than straight hair at any length in my mind.
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Hello, when I started my journey, I wanted my hair to be BSL curly. Little did I know that I would have to be dang near classic to do it. I never knew about shrinkage. Right now, I am MBL (stretched) and my hair hangs at or a little above APL.

I am just going to have to get to classic...sigh....
WL 6/26/09 and my hair type is 3b-4a...I will compromise with 3c
I first at least want to grow out my hair to BSL. But I'd love to grow it out to waist length.
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My short term goal is shoulder length by august. Right now it is chin length...long term goal: 1/2 way between bsl and wl. thats my ideal length
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Hmm my long term goal is mid back when it's dry. I'm past the shoulders when wet..but when it dries it's right at my shoulders. Thanks to CG my hair has been growing alot.

April '07

January '08

May '08

October '08(started CG)

December '08

March '09(This morning)

*Could someone tell me what current length would be...I'm not familiar with the hair length lingo (like BSL Or APL or CBL whatever lol)..currently my hair in the back is about 2-2.5 inches longer than it is in that December '08 pic. Thanks!!

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