Hairgrowth and your Goals

Ultimate goal is BSL while curly, but I'm aiming for shoulder length first

Me 3rd October 2008

Me 11th February 2009 (just after I started taking my vitamins regularly)

I don't take pictures very often, because I can never tell any difference in length, so it's kinda demoralising >_>; I think I have about 4 inches to go to shoulder-length :/
Fine 3c type, loves protein. BS length when straight, aiming for BS length when curly!
My ultimate goal is MBL curly but i know in the next few years (by my 25th b-day) I can achieve SL curly BSL stretched. Hoping to be able to wear my hair in a true ponytail like I did before I BC'ed by my 21 birthday on April 17.
BC: 2/16/08
Second BC: 12/22/10
Dreads!!! 2/16/2014
Third BC:3/22/16
Goal Length: waist length

Princess Tiara, Guardian of the Crystal Heart of the Indigo Seas, in the Order of the Curly Crusaders
Hey. My goal is about 4 or 5 inches above my waist.
My hair is: 3b-4a, at my shoulders

My goal: To have my hair down to my waist or near my waist by 2012!

My favorite quote:
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I'm alittle past tailbone,I acheived my goal of getting to tailbone.Now,I'm trying to see if it will make it to classic length,I'm giving myself a year as of April.
3B-3C, alittle past tailbone length,age:41 years
I would like to have my hair below my nose in the front and to my collar bone in the back by December. My ultimate goal is waist length stretched or straightened (my hair does not hang). I know, I have a LOOOOOOONG way to go
4, fine, low-medium density, low porosity

"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps." - Confucius

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My goal is about 31". Basically, I want to grow my hair to my hip so it will bounce up to my waist. My hair can bounce up to 6" at a time. Currently, my longest layer is 26.5". I hope to reach my goal by May 2009 next week. When I have reached my goal, I plan to maintain the ends and keep on trimming my hair until the layers grow longer to thicken my ends and keep them healthy. Hair priorities are a) thickness, b) maintaining the curl and c) growth.
Originally Posted by 30isthenewblack
It's so interesting to look back at your old posts. Since August, I have grown 2" and my longest layer is now 28" so 1.5" growth in two months. I may have to re-address my original goal of 31" as my hair has not reached BSL curly at 28".
Originally Posted by 30isthenewblack
Looking at my original post, with about four microtrims in between, I did reach my goal of 31" by May 2009. It is now about 1"-2" away from being hip straight. I think my longer layers stalled a bit but the other layers kept on growing so they are closer in length now. As I thought in my second posting, I have to change my original goal to even 37" before it bounces up to waist length so it may be another year in May 2010 before I can start maintaining my hair length. I am starting to feel like a long hair now. It's amazing to pull my hair straight and it reaches almost to my hip!
My hair is now BSL pulled out straight, but bounces back to APL curly. I want BSL curly!!! But it seems as if my curls are getting tighter and tighter the longer I grow them out, so it's taking it's own long and spirally time....
Name: FeedYourHead's Hair

Description: 3A/3B/2C in the back, Botticelli, fine, thick, high porosity, CG since 2008

Likes: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser; Curls Coconut Curlada conditioner; L - Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea or Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing, O - coconut oil, C - Curls Creme Brule cream; FOTE AVG; honey; banana hair masks
Dislikes: Silicones (), Hairbrushes () and harsh detergents ()
Try AG-PRO,Its amazinggggg!
Except it tastes like rotten nasty,but you get
Reeeee. Zults.
3b w/ a touch of 3a.
Mod. CG since: July 3,2009! [Gosh,What a newbie,huh?]
Growing my mane out with the help of AG-PRO vitamins.
I want the hair I had when I was small!

& Products: In the experimental phase;
I'm at BSL curly and my goal is waist-length curly. I haven't had a trim in about a year, not even dusting (which I do myself). As long as my ends don't start splitting (fingers crossed) I won't touch them.

Someone above (I'm sorry, can't remember who!) said she wore it up 98% of the time -- that's exactly what I do, to protect the ends. I slather on tons of leave-in condish and pull it into a knob. I dont' take any multivitamins or supplements for hair growth and I save heat styling for special occasions.
Modified CG. You'll pry my 'cones from my cold dead fingers! Mixed waves, coarse, below shoulder length, dark brown. I hate my hair but I'm trying to learn to accept it.

Gels: LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel, Garnier Fructis Wet Shine Gel. Condish: Alberto V05 Free Me Fresia, Tresemme' Flawless Curls, LVPNG, Neutrogena Triple Moisture. Shampoo: Tresemme' Flawless Curls. Silicone Serum: Whatever is on sale, but I don't leave home without it.
I decided to let my hair grow for one entire year without cutting or trimming and to take really good care of it. it has been six months so far and although i have never officially measured my hair it has gone from just below shoulder lenght to bra strap length. I have been going through a constant battle with myself to stick to my plan. so six months to go. I have heard that hair usually grows about 1/2 inch a month and that sounds like about what mine has grown. and yes i have been getting less shrinkage due to the weight of the length especially by the roots it is mostly just wavy by the roots now. I still get good s curls and some spiral ringlets.
Very Thick dry 3b BSL.
Fine, medium porosity
Right now I am using GVP conditioning balm for cowash and RO,
my hair loves protein.
for styling my base is BRHG I can use it alone but prefer with Curl Keeper. I sulphate poo once a month or so as needed.

Well, almost exactly a year ago, I had a very, very, short crop. I had about half an inch all around--I was practically bald, shoot!

Right now I'm not even sure WHERE I'm at! I'm definitely still in the awkward growing out stage and because I've had to get it cut so many times, I'm still not even at mid-neck length. Still, being that I was nearly hairless a year ago and taking into account just how THICK my hair is, I've had quite a bit of growth in the last year.

My short term goal is mid-neck length, which I'm hoping to achieve by this October! I think I'm getting way too ahead of myself with that one, though. Once it gets that length I'm starting CG. CG typically makes your hair curlier and while I am SO excited about how my 3b's will look, it's too short right now and I still need to be able to tie it back, so I'm on a modified low-poo diet.

My long-term goal is some gorgeous BSL hair. Mmm, that'd be perfect!
I cut my hair short for the first time about 5 years ago and this is my first time growing it out. I looked at picture of myself with longer hair, and yeah, my hair definitely started weighing itself down at some point. My hair is strange, it's very curly short but when it was long enough, it got so weighed down it became just wavy.

Anywho, my goal is to get my hair down to my breast this year (straight) and next year it's two inches below that (curly). ^3^
I'm growing my hair from chin length to mid-thigh length!
im shooting for just about waist legnth. I want to be able to do the caramel skined curly vamp look. I'f it gets to that and i want it longer i'll go to hip or classic.
3c/4aMCiii normal/low porosity med elasticty

Shampoo- JC Hydrating Invigorating poo, Alaffia Shea & Virgin Coconut Enriching Shampoo, CV poo bars
Rinse out- Natures gate hemp, GSAS
Leave in- GDLI, Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Leave in
DT- Still working on that
Styler- Ecostyler Crystal, Queen Helene Royal Curl Creme
Sealer- castor, Shea butter,jojoba oil

I don't know how well I'll keep it up, my blog The Lions Mane
Bra strap length or bust.. If it ever gets there, I'll let it grow as long as it can. I never want short hair ever again.

Right now my hair is to the bottom of my neck and I've been growing it out since 2/2008 from a scissor happy cut. Had a few trims in between then and now, but I'm steadily getting somewhere.
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My staples: Mane n Tail (cowash), Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine (leave in condish), Grapeseed oil or shea butter (sealing), Organic Root Stimulator Elasticitea (leave-in condish & light hold)
My goal is waist-length.
My hair is currently a little below my shoulders and it seems like it's frozen there.

My hair is 27 inches while dry and NOT straightened(will have to measure wet and straight next time), and I'm growing it to 30 inches dry.

Hoping for by this time next year, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part.
Wavy, dry, protein sensitive, coarse, highly overly porus, very low elasticity, medium-thick density, very prone to split ends
Avoids: Sulphates, Silicones, Protein, Mineral oil, Petroleum, Polyquaternium, Sodium/Magnesium, Heat
Mod-CG since June 2007
My hair is currently collar bone length when curly. my short term goal is BSL when curly. and my ultimate goal is waist length. then we'll go from there
I Love talking to Other Curlies
Sigh... I get so frustrated with my hair growth I really want it to be BSL or longer curly. Currently my hair is shoulder length curly (or shorter! my curls have a mind of their own) and BSL when straight and I feel like its been this length FOREVER!!!!. I am hoping the reason my hair hasn't grown is because of all the straightening I usually do in the winter, this is the first year I am planning to be curly all year round, hopefully that will do the trick.
I want to grow my hair out to mid-back length! So badly! Right now it's a little bit below shoulder-length...but I'm going in for a cut on Saturday. I haven't had one since last December, and for much of the time since then I've been shampooing and straightening (I only recently discovered CG). I have SO MANY split ends and I want to take care of them before they get to be a real problem. It should hopefully just be a little dusting, maybe a little shaping so that my hair frames my face and grows in better, but I've never met the stylist before so who knows. :-/

Anyway, after this cut I'm hoping that split ends won't be such a problem. I'd like to have BSL hair by Jan 2010 and then mid-back length hair by Aug 2010. We'll see! I'm taking hair growth vitamins and fish oil supplements. Can anyone suggest anything I can put on my ends to seal them and keep them from breaking? I know some people use coconut oil, but I don't really know where to buy it (all the stuff I've found has mineral oil in it).
CG since 07/26/09
MandatoryFun - I found coconut oil at the local Walmart (in the oil section, by the baking section...)

Anywho... my hair does grow at the average 1/2" per month. Even though it's about 8" when stretched, it just seems like it's been shoulder-length for the past year. (It shrinks up quite a bit!)

I guess I just need patience to get it to where it weighs itself down without having to use so much product! *Sigh*

"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.' "
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